In order to tune my VCO I want to invest in a decent tuner.

After some research I narrowed down to 2 options. The First one is one
mentioned a lot in various forums: the turbo tuner from Sonic Research.

The second one is the Boss pedal chromatic tuner.

I choose for this one because I already own a lot of Boss pedals and this would be a nice addition to my pedal
collection. But this one is stated as "chromatic tuner" Are all tuners chromatic? Or can all tunes be used to tune
your instrument/system. I also would like to use the tuner to tune my other stand alone (semi/modular) synths.

Are both of these good choices? Which one is the most useful or should I pick none of both?

Thanks in Advance for your help!


I have the Boss tuner (I use it for electric bass), and it is fine. It is chromatic, and it can tune a "C", so it would work. I wouldn't recommend it, though.

For Eurorack, I would recommend a module with a built in Tuner instead. It is much easier to use in practice (I am not even sure the Boss pedal would work with modular signal levels). Two suggestions (I have both) are the Disting Mk 4 and the O'Tool+. Both are great, and both do a lot of other stuff. Personally, I use the O'Tool to tune. I can really recommend it, especially for the oscilloscope function. It is easy to dismiss a scope as being unnecessary when you are starting out (after all, it doesn't do anything to the sound), but it is fantastic for getting a window into what is actually going on in your modular.


Thanks for your reply. I own 2 Disting MK4 so that is nice! I did not knew they had that feature.

It seems that most audio recorders also have a tuner function. I own a Tascam DR-40 and it also has a tuner
on board.

So more money for modular!


Or maybe this: That offers you MIDI note, frequency counting, metering with deviation in cents, plus a per-cents calibration mode. The latter two features make this quite useable for microtonal work, as well.

NB: the markup syntax here sorta munges the URL above, but going to KVR and searching for CTuner should suffice.

Hi Lugia thanks (again).

I'm goin to have a look to it!

Here is a cheap tuner module: