The idea is a four Operator FM Synth on a modular basis. You can patch any possible algorithm and its even possible to morph between carriers by using the MI "frames" modul.
FM Feedback can be patched with the MI "Shades" modul, which also allows may other usfull things. The MI "Stages" are in daisy chain and can be used for complex envelops, LFOs, or performance slider( combined with "shades" it allows control of CV's for further FM modifcations.
All the "important" modules (like Sequencers, FXs, EQ, VCOs, Filter, Joystick, Resonator....) are in my other racks.
I probalbly gonna buy a dedicated case just for this FM synth.

Any idea if this would work? Did i forgot anything? Would love to get some feedback! Thanks!

It's interesting, but it also seems a bit much like overkill and unnecessary expense. Wouldn't it be simpler to use an ALM Akemie's Castle as the core of this, instead of the discrete quadrature VCOs, etc?

Your right, but i already have some of those modules, 1xQZVCO, Frames, Stages (1x), Shades(2x) and kinks. The Akemies Castle is pretty cool, and it would be faster to work with, but i like to be able to patch any possible algorithm. I probably won’t buy the Mordax Data, because i will get a Expert sleepers ES-8, so i will be able to use multiple oscilloscopes via VCV Rack.

Hi Kari, which 4op synth exactly are you looking to emulate/improve on?

I tried to emulate a oscillator inside of VCV Rack. The osc is called „FM-OP“ from „Bogaudio“. You can think of it like a single operator/operator of a DX style FM synth(inclusive envelope generators, FM Feedback etc.).
If anyone knows a similar Osc in hardware form, please let me know.

I might should add that i have a MODX for the „serious“ FM stuff, so this project is more for my own pleasure :)