I'm building my first Eurorack for guitar purposes primarily. Obviously I need In/Out so for that I plan to buy the Pulp Logic Entry Point and Exit Strategy. I really like the tones from the trouby modular organ filter, so I plan on buying that module as well... assuming a guitar would sound decent through that. As for the other units in the rack, I'm not so sure... I would like to be able to play a chord, or note on the guitar and have it drone. So I'm assuming the Pulp Logic SnH unit would work for that. I was looking at the Pittsburgh Modular Synth Block just to have as an extra unit with multiple functions. Eventually I would like to synthesize drums, so I was looking at the MFB Seq 01 for that. And I would love to be able to play lines on the guitar and have them loop. So the Make Noise Phonogene looked great for that, and has the really cool splice feature. I have no idea what kind of mixer I should look for. I'm thinking if I use an LFO from the rack, I could potentially play over whatever I create using those tones with the guitar, but I would need something to allow me to mix the LFO tones with guitar. Eventually I wouldn't mind doing a lot of synthesis without the guitar by adding on lots of other modules, but for now I want to make the instrument the focal point. What other modules may be helpful or should I research??

There are a few videos of people playing guitar through euroracks on youtube, but not many actually creating music with them. So I'm not sure how this is going to work out and if I'm just flushing money down the drain, but it's something I want to experiment with. This is the rack I'm working on. I'm willing to take any advice, or input from anyone who can help make this project a success. Thanks.

ModularGrid Rack