Where can I buy this front panel ?


The Karl Marx Stadt has been a great start for my Eurorack adventure. I initially planned to build, and have been building most of my modules myself using a mix of kits, schematics, and my own inventiveness; this affordable all-in-one setup is a superb basis for my mostly DIY rack. On its own, the Doepfer DIY synth is probably pretty good, with XAOC's KMS interface, it blossoms:

Like many people, I ordered some modules before really understanding what I would be needing or how it all works. I am lucky that this was the first module I received because I was able to start learning the flow of things from day 1. As I built other modules to add to my rack, I kept finding useful features, like the VCA is actually a 3 channel mixer into dual input VCA! This is obviously useful when a second VCF and VCO came online. The fact that the onboard filter takes 2 audio inputs as well as 2 control voltages means that there is plenty of room to grow and learn with this unit over time and with new modules. The build quality is good, it feels solid and works consistently; I am the second owner, and there are absolutely no issues.

Hopefully, this review helps someone else new understand what is available in this module. Couple the Karl Marx Stadt with a simple CV sequencer(with its own clock) and you have a fully functioning synth now and the basis for expanding with any module you want, since the basics are covered.

Thanks XAOC!

Hey There polnochkoshka, great review! I'm having a strange problem with tuning drift with my Karl Marx (Tempco version). Did you deal with that at all? After tuning it up, it drifts about a minor 3rd over 15 minutes....