How to use Markdown

The ModularGrid Forum uses Markdown for formatting purposes.
It's like HTML but feels more natural to write because in general you don't need closing tags.
Additionally you can read Markdown even if it's not formatted.

Below the Markdown Editor Form is an inline link Markdown Syntax which lists most of the useful formatter options.

This is heading 1

A hashtag before a text block creates a heading
#This is heading 1

This is heading 2

Two hashtags before a text block create a heading in hierachy 2
##This is heading 2

Text Decoration

  • Emphase *Yeay*. This results is Yeay.
  • Strong **Yeay**. This results in Yeay


Just prefix * or numbers a textline and create numbered or bullet lists.

  1. Rolf
  2. Piere
  • Petra
  • Gloria

Embed external Images

![alt text](

will do

alt text

ModularGrid Racks

Just post the link of your Rack in the Editor. The Rack will be embedded end linked.


Same functionality applies to Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo media.
Just post the URL from the browsers address bar in the editor!