Looking for tweaks or hacks on the rack above, which is my medium range plan.
I currently have: The uZues, Mother 32, Doepfer ADSR, MA VCA, Mult, Mino VCO, Clouds, and Tides.
I know I can take the M32 out of the eurorack case for more room but I like it being self-contained and more portable. I'd probably get a bigger case if this all went beyond 6U 84P, and that is ok. I already have outboard reverb and delays that don't live in the rack. As far as the purpose or goal off this rack - I generally like making interesting lead and fx sounds, definitely on the more ambient / softer edged spectrum. Sometimes when using it as part of a larger music project, I am sending Midi from my DAW to the M32, other times when exploring I use the M32's sequencer or even just play the small rubber keys. I might add a Keystep at some point though.

  • The Music Thing Turing appeals to me for the knob per function usability, and while random, it repeats phrases with the degree of change over time being controllable, and very easily. I like that, since I envision it mostly running into the TUNE quantizer for scale based melody generation.
  • Instead of adding a second random source to modulate parameters on Clouds (and eventually Rings), my thought was using existing LFO outputs from the Mother 32 into the 2HP dual Sample and Hold to create random CV, fed thru attenuator, achieving seeming randomness that is not so different as adding a Wogglebug, etc
  • I'm pretty fuzzy on clock dividers / multipliers, but I am assuming I can use the 4ms divider to open the x3 VCA at determined intervals to control modulations of other modules and help create patches that softly glitch or evolve over time.

I have really tried to avoid modules with menu diving. The MI stuff with push buttons to change modes is about as complex it gets, and that is intentional. I feel a bit over my head though.

On that last bit: in theory, you can do that with the RCD, but your VCA envelope will simply be on/off, no contouring. To make that work optimally, find a couple of smallish EGs (two-stage would be just fine, IMHO) and trigger those with RCD clocks, then send the envelopes to the VCAs as control signals. You can lose the mult as well...I find them to be impractical in a small build like this, with inline mults and/or stackcables being preferable to losing 4 hp to a dedicated mult module where something active would make more sense.

Thanks Lugia, that makes sense. I had thought of contouring if it was audio info but had not thought of it for CV signals. I can likely pull the 4hp mult and replace with a dual AR generator.

There. Moved some stuff around and added a dual AD envelope. While I think Noise Reap has stopped making those, I am sure I can find others in the same size or smaller.

Ladik C-041? Hey...why settle for two when four in the same space is even better! Or you can do one of those and still have room for one of their variations on ADSRs.