Hello long time lurker and complete modular newbie here.
This is my idea for my 1st rack.
I'm looking to experiment with a semi controlled self generating sound to add to my Elektron Analog 4.
I've based it around the Lifeforms Blackbox as it is a complete voice that I can take it out and use it stand alone to free up space if required later.
Rings and Tides are in because i love playing with them together in VCV Racks and i think they could add a lot to the Lifeforms.
The Disting is there as a swiss army module that I feel will become more and more useful as my experience with modular develops.
Links is in for routing handiness.
I'm wondering if i should replace the Disting with another VCA, to compliment the SV-1's VCA as I read that "you can never have to many VCA's" a lot in various forums.
I'll be using the Analog 4 for sequencing via its cv outs and additional filtering etc.
Have I made any glaring omissions or could this all be to much to soon for a 1st rack.