I need help.

I really have no idea what I am getting into and really need advice. Here is a stupid question, does the case come with the synthesizer

Here is my rack ModularGrid Rack

any feedback would be great

No, cases aren't usually included with proper modulars. While the complement above isn't bad, what I'd suggest is to perhaps look at something along the lines of a patchable synth first to get your feet wet and get some understanding about how synthesis architecture works first. By doing that, you'd have a firmer grasp on what needs to be in a proper system and you'd have the system's fundamental building blocks in the form of the patchable, onto which you can expand as needs be. Something like a Moog Mother32/DFAM pair, Soundmachines Modulor114, Plankton Ants!, Kilpatrick Phenol, Pittsburgh Microvolt or Blackbox, or Arturia MiniBrute2 and 2s pair might make a lot more sense from a learning standpoint for right now than trying to build up a complete system.

Thank you for the help