my 4u

Hi there,

Would anyone suggest a module or three to fill my remaining 12hp in this tight setup? Externally I'm using an Arturia Keystep for melodies/bass lines & an Arturia Beatstep Pro for general sequencing.. Thats a small plaits on the left and a small clouds on the right next to the pico dsp effects (delay/reverb)

Another voice maybe? VCO like the mangrove? I have some analysis paralysis.

- Forrest

Maybe Plaits?

I'd yank the USB power ports, for starters. In a small rig like this, anything you can do outboard needs to be done outboard. This would give 15 hp, so...Xaoc Batumi + Poti = 13 hp, and a Circuit Abbey Twiggy dual ringmod/quadrant multiplier to use both for ring modulation or as a spare VCA or polarizer. That's where I'd go, fwiw...

Thanks Lugia! I see you posting in tons of threads, was hoping you would make a suggestion! I agree I need more modulation, and that ring mod looks cool in only 2hp.