ModularGrid Rack


what would you add to this case ?
I make ambient/droney/melodic music.
I use external gear, MN 0 Coast, Strymon and Eventide reverbs, and the Analog Heat for drive/distorsion/filtering purposes.
And the Keystep for sequencing/arpeggios/play...
I record mostly in Protools, multitracking with light editing and some plugins for compression.

I guess I need some VCA's ...
What do you think ?
Cheers !

I'm also looking at VCA/Mixers and I'm down to these:
-- chuckleone

If you can handle the small knobs --- the Złob is treating me well.
Lots of vca in a small package.

If you can handle the small knobs --- the Złob is treating me well.
Lots of vca in a small package.

-- wiggler55550

The Zlob is very tempting indeed, especially since my system is very small(3u 104hp). I was thinking I could 3D print some knobs to place over the stock ones to make them a little bigger. I did this with my Korg Volcas for volume, filter cutoff and few other controls I wanted a little bigger and it made a huge difference in usage. There looks to be a lot of room on the panel to allow for this on the Zlob.

Leaving 1hp left and right does help with those narrow modules. I figure with bigger knobs you will def need extra space...

Yep, VCAs are the missing things here. Consider adding some for audio and CV/modulation, given that you want that sense of gradual shift/flow with that sort of music. I'd suggest something that can break up the two different functions while also providing mixing, such as Happy Nerding's 3xVCAs. At 6 hp, they're small enough to fit in nicely, and they allow you to separate two mixed VCAs from a separate one in case you need to split up the VCAs' functions even further like that.

Thank you very much for your advices ! Let's dive into vca's then ...

Sounds right...the thing that a lot of people starting in modular forget are those, and they're pretty essential. Using them on audio is the obvious thing, but the fact is that when you start using VCAs to control things such as modulation levels, or use them as modulation tools to impose a second modulation onto a first, that's when the voodoo that modular has starts to get really apparent. Plus, they have audio uses that aren't so obvious, such as crossmodulating one audio signal with another via AM using a VCA, resulting in some rich ring-modulation-type timbres. They just look boring, that's all.

Right ! I really feel the need to modulate modulations or level modulations. AM is obvious as well. Thanks again !