- First patch involving Livestock Electronics Maze
- First patch where Dixie II uses multiple waveform outputs + 1st time it is self-patched (Saw into Linear FM Input)
- Very fast sequencer speeds + Run/Stop behaviour coming from Output 3 of Maze sends rapid clusters of notes to the 1v/oct of Rings, while it receives audio input from the Bandpass output of Cinnamon
- Since most of the routings favour the relationship between Input 1 and Output 1 in Maze, the behaviour and oscillation speed of the Dixie II affects many different parameters at once, and also has its own audible results in Quad VCA Output 1

Maze Parameters

  • SLCT Input sequences in a forward-backward movement between routings 0-15 (16-steps)
  • SLCT Input is fed by a fairly pure sine wave coming from Peaks OUT2
  • SLCT Input is in Fade Mode, and Morphing Multiplier is set to Slow Morphing (Magenta)
  • Routings 4-15 are all blank, which leaves "space" between note and parameter changes

Rings Parameters

Sympathetic Strings

  • Movement of Position from the Tri-Saw out of Dixie II affects the pitches output by Rings in interesting ways