This is what I'm playing with now.
The top rack is an 84HP 4U Intellijel case. I designed it so that it could be a fairly fun stand-alone synth when taken away from the 7U bottom.

I like the setup so far, but I've boxed myself a bit into a corner... I think I have to move the DFAM back to it's original case in order to grow any more. Suggestions welcome!

That's certainly what I'd do. Fact is, if something has its own case, leave it there...given the cost of a Eurorack case and how much each hp costs, it's best to leave things that're cased in their cases, and use the higher-cost Eurorack cab spaces for things that require them.

In fact, let's look at this for a bit. Assuming both are Intellijel cabs, and not taking the 1U tiles into account, there's 376 hp of 3U space between these two cases. Then the street cost of those cases together is $ a little simple math shows that each hp in those cabs has a pricetag of $3.32. That's not an insignificant number. So when you take a module that comes in a case (which, since the case is OEM, we'll put that at $0 per hp) like the DFAM, and drop it into a Eurorack case...well, with the DFAM, you're using $199.20 worth of Eurorack case, meaning you actually lose that much money by putting the DFAM in there. Not good!

I built the 7U myself out of cherry, it's 220HP. I plan to eventually make a matching 7U that stands upright to go where the 84HP intellijel is right now. But I do get your point!

Rack space is freaky expensive, it's also a great luxury to have all the modules right there and immediately patchable. I know that moving the DFAM out of the rack will mean it gets patched less.

Here's the thing, I'm not really using the DFAM nearly as much anyways. I really love the module, but it has some drawbacks that make it difficult in a larger rack setting:
1) It lacks a 'reset' input, so it's a pain in the ass to sync to other sequencers, you have to manually advance the trigger.
2) It has only coarse tuning knobs, and they are very fiddly.
3) Tiny-ass trim pots.
I think I may have just outgrown this module. I am using it mainly as hi-hats or as a paraphonic voice. I'm thinking of these guys as the more satisfying upgrade: CS-L, DPO, CIP, or maybe that upcoming Panharmonium thing. And maybe I'd still have room for a Maths and a Veils.