I am new to modulargrid, beautiful site indeed...

I want to make an eurorack system, to feed my NI Maschine based set up.I do not intend to make songs (I have never been good at it) but rather evolving sesions live like; anything between IDM, Acid and Dark Techno.

In the computer I will be using Maschine MK3 and JAM, Maschine software, reaktor blocks, Maschine Drumsynths and maybe will add Softube modular, as the basic package is quite cheap. Also have some other VST synths

I want to make a 2x84hp eurorack system with Moog DFAM and Behringer Neutron as main sound sources and add a few modules to it. I also own a Bastl Kastle which will integrate fine as has two cv I/O.

To comunicate with the compouter with the system I bought a cv.ocd.

I also have some guitar FX from my grindcore days (Metalzone, compressor, Phaser, eq..etc)

I will use the two audio inputs in my Kontrol audio 1 to feed both the Neutron and DFAM main outputs to the computer and sample and/or add extra FX. Also I can use the two extra outputs on the Kontrol 1 to send audio (extra oscilators, drumloops, etc..) into both DFAM/Neutron

This is my project so far:
ModularGrid Rack

I already bought both DFAM and Neutron; the modules I have thought off are Maths, ModDemix, Disting mk4 and to fill the 2hp gap maybe a clock divider/multiplier? I will make my own case with Doepfer DIY kit (I have just realiced the whole set up draws more than 1.2 amp...Maybe I could dissasemble the PSU from the neutron and fix it to the case, so the neutron would have its own psu and the rest the Doepfer rail.)

The cost will be 790€ for the DFAM/Neutron combo, another 700€ for the modules and around 200€ for the case. Even adding the Bastle Kastle and the cv it does not reach 2000€.

As I am making my own case I can also leave a 1Ux84 rack space empty on top to add some extra functions

Any thougths welcome

Take the DFAM and the Neutron out of the rack. The line-level outputs and MIDI are on the top of the unit. I think the same applies to the DFAM audio out (don't own one). By putting them in the rack you create new problems to solve at this point. Once you get going on modular, you'll want that rack space back.

As far as your modules... why? What will the Maths , Disting, and clock divider do for you and your set-up? What are the capabilities of the cv.ocd? Can IT generate clocks based on MIDI clock from your DAW or possibly a dummy MIDI clip running at the clock speed you desire? Can it support more than one clock? You'll probably want to clock the DFAM if you're using its internal sequencer alongside your DAW. You might need the Gate-Boost option for the cd.ocd.

You have the cv.ocd, the DFAM, and the Neutron at the moment. I would see how much you can get out of that set-up BEFORE you venture any further or bother with a rack or modules. I think you need some experience in using your new gear before augmenting it. You'll save yourself a lot of time and grief.

When you are ready to add more possibilities, I swear by the Temps Utile, Ornaments & Crime, as well as the Noise Engineering Mimitec Digitalis. With those three, you should be able to get some really nice modulation, and pattern generation. O&C and TU have a lot of possible functions like Eclidean patterns, quantizers, quad LFOs, etc. The Mimetic I find really useful since it has four 16-note CV sequencers in it and can be CV controlled to alter its patterns. Check out some Youtube videos on them and see if they are your cup-of-tea. I also have the Disting. But when I'm in the creative zone, having to break out the manual to figure out where the patch I want is and what parameters I can control tends to suck me out of my creative space and back into my daily technical life. The module is very powerful compared to its price... but it's so bloody hard to use.

That's my opinion and it's not necessarily the right one for you. But that's the advice I'd give you face-to-face if you were about to drop a lot of money on gear.

Thank you for your recomendation ..much apreciated.

  • Main reason I want to put those on a case is so I can carry them to a friends studio for jamming...They do take a lot of rack space but they give a lot too.. I want them to be properly packed if I am going to move them around. As for the rear outputs/inputs I can just move them to the side of the rack, just will need some sort cables and DIY work. Both synths also offer audio out on the patch bay. It is also true that I do not need to build the case right now, I have first to get to know them well at home.

  • Well, regarding modules math comes always a one of the most recomended modules, I think is quite complex but can do lots of thing. For example turning the DFAM into a Subharmonicon .
    In fact I already bought one secondhand (ups!!), a never used mk2 still under warranty for 220€, I could not say no. ;-) It can wait in the drawer a couple of months if necessary, first I ´ll get to know both the Neutron and DFAM.

    The disting comes also recommended but after your feedback I think I will just pass. Main reason to go modular is to have full hands on with no menus, Disting does look like a pain in the ass. The other modules have not been thought thoroughly though.

  • I still do not have the CV.ocd with me but I guess will serve me to route some modulation/trigers from reaktor blocks to the modular. I do not think I will need the Gate/boost as as far as I know all trigger/gates do respond to 5v. Also one of the neutrons midi cc´s can be assignt to a cv out, there is also a midi gate cv out present.

  • As I said before I also own a Bastle Kastle, I saw ST modular sell a DIY eurorack version of it, I may try to convert mine.

  • Thank you for your list of recommended modules, I will look into them. Still my budget for hardware is 2000€, which I will spend sooner or later (rather do that on hardware than partying.. money burns in my pocket :-)). So far DFAM 520€ new B-stock, Neutron 275 new B-stock, CV.ocd 130€ Maths mk2 220€ second hand under warranty. That makes 1145€ so far...

  • As I said before I also own a Bastle Kastle, I saw ST modular sell a DIY eurorack version of it, I may try to convert mine.

  • If I make my own case I think I can do a nice one for less than 200/300€, flight case like; I think I would go for a meanwell RT65B PSU and a single busboard. There would be no much difference in price in making this or a small 3U 40HP case. The RT65B delivers up to 2.4A on +12 and up to 1A in -12 if not under full load, also has +5V altough I do not think I will need it.

    Neutron is quite power hungry, according to Behringer 1A but I red somewhere is more like 700mAh. 1.5A might be enough for the whole thing but I preffer not to force the PSU. It will need to feed around 4 to 6 modules, maximum.

    Other recommendations regarding PSU/Busboard combo will be apreciated too; 200€ tops

  • If I add the ST Modular Kastle to the set up it would mean going for a 6U 90HP case, I would have 10 HP empty space to add something in the future ( out of the modules you recommend one could fit, as there is even an 8hp version of temps, uTemps).

Somethink like this:
ModularGrid Rack