Newbie - Ready to purchase and fill my new Synthrotek Skiff Boat 104 HP. Can anyone help me decide if these modules are appropriate together and if the primary parts are there for an ambient generative system? Thanks all

The post is interesting. It explores 2019 Eurorack. You can find an image along with the article and it can tell you everything that you need to know. If you go through the image carefully, you will get to know what it is and what it is saying.


Check all of your Mutable Instrument modules for compatible clones. The clones run the same software and have the same components. They are just generally more compact. Using the clones will give you more room in your case for future expansion (assuming your power supply can accommodate the additional power usage). Check out Michigan Synthworks for some decent Mutable clones.

The Make Noise Function is basically half of Maths. Any reason for this module? That 8HP can go to something a little more useful like Temps Utile or an Ornaments & Crime (two of my favorite modules, I keep mentioning them). You'll get a LOT more use out of one of those than the Function. Replace the Function, clock divider and Disting with TU and OC and I think you'd be happier in the end. Oh, you can also get rid of the Euclids module with the TU and buy back 2HP. The TU is around $250, so that one Euclids module covers half of the expense.

I do not see a filter. A small multimode filter would be great in this rack.

But back to the first point. Redesign this rack with Mutable clones and then consider what to do with the extra space.

Thank you for your taking the time to share your knowledge!

I will continue my research with these thoughts in mind!

I am not a expert yet, but looking at other racks give me inspiration too ..

I noticed 2 things .

1) MI Peaks, that module is not available anymore, off course it is possible you have it already, or that you can find it on second hand market. or there could be a clone, but I thought better to write it down, to be sure.

2) what Ronin said about the Function, you can also apply to the Contour, but the contour is fully ADSR, if you want that, it is a good choice.
(I have a Contour too, and maths is still on my wish-list, but i have 2 rows, and am planning to go to 3 rows)