so after playing for 9 years with normal synthesizers, and gotten more into Ambient music the last years, and finally into the concept of generative Ambient (I tried to do that before with my synths without knowing the genre...), I bought a Eurorack case with some modules, new and used.

I tried to make it coherent, and am still researching, but I would appreciate your opinion on this:

ModularGrid Rack

I already have to upper row, besides the Pamelas. From the lower row, I got the Plaits and Quad VCS.
I am using the rack in combination with a MFB Dominion 1 synthesizer, which also has CV ins and outs for the 3 LFOs, one envelope and 3 oscillators, and some more.. so this will give me some more modulation sources.

I realize another envelope would be good to have...but don´t know what to kick out for that.


Nice setup, you could find room by replacing almost any of the Mutable modules with a smaller HP version, although it will cost a bit to sell the old style and find a new skinny version. Maybe that is worth it for you?

Yes true, I could replace the Clouds with a uCloud, this wouldn´t even cost much as I could sell it pretty quickly I guess.. and the Nebulae which I quite like I think does a kind of similar job already.
Also considering a Just Friends from Mannequins instead of the Pulsar, which would be bit more versatile I guess. I like the Steve Reich like sequences of the Pulsar though ;)