Hello everyone,

This is a rack I've been developing as a companion instrument to my upright bass. The upright bass is my primary instrument but I am really interested in making noise/drone/ambient music (depending on who I am playing with or the situation). The goal is to have this by my side and play my upright while making minor adjustments to the rack and then at some point later in the performance be able to set the bass down and play the synth exclusively (if I want to).


A few of my intentions:

Run the bass through the 2hp filter, into the disting using the signal to pitch CV function, and then sending that into the v/oct for Plaits. Also, use Maths as an envelope follower of the bass signal and send the output in to the level input of Plaits.

Use the Pressure Points (and the foot interface) to change various states in the synth of a drone patch while I improvise melody lines on the upright.

Use the wogglebug and Rene to generate events that I will improvise over.

Any advice on my rack would be greatly appreciated!