Hey everyone,

I'd like to ask for some opinions for my rack, specifically my choice for the next modules I am going to add.
My goal is to make music similar to lightbath, ann annie, r beny and the likes on youtube.
As for my rack, I am using a powered Doepfer case, the first two rows are the modules I currently own, the bottom row are the modules that I thought would be usefull to add next.

ModularGrid Rack

  • SMR: for textures and filtering, the sound on its own really struck me.
  • Batumi: I need an LFO, and a quad-LFO seems like a good choice for additional modulation.
  • Ripples: as a dedicated filter besides the SMR. Other choices are Three Sisters and Belgrad.
  • Rings: I know, it's somewhat of a cliche by now, but I really like the sound. Contemplating to let Elements go over this.
  • STO: additional voice besides Plaits, but I am unsure if I really need this, since Plaits/Rings/Pluck/SMR/Elements are lots of voices already

What other modules do I need? I am thinking modulation, maybe an envelope like the Zadar/Maths/Tides/Stages? A uO_c is also in consideration for its sequencing/quantizing/randomization capabilities.

I also have a Strymon BigSky and a Delay pedal, so I am going to be using those for effects first, although a 4MS DLD is something that I am thinking about down the road.

Any input is highly appreciated!

You definitely need some envelopes. Consider at least a dual ADSR, or a module with multiple AD envelopes.

The Pluck is a bit redundant, as there is really nothing it can do that the Rings doesn't already do (unless you had in mind using two Karplus Strong type voices simultaneously but that would require more complex sequencing).

The Elements is capable of a wide palette of sounds not possible with standard VCO / VCF / VCA flow, but the resonator portion of it is already there in the Rings module. Unless you really want / need the odd sounds Elements can make...... you might find yourself just using the Rings for the resonator when not using it as a voice on its own.

I'm sure more experienced people might have additional thoughts but those were the obvious observations to me.

The Batumi has a Poti expander. It's worth it if you're going to buy the Batumi. It gives you instant access to sync, reset, and alternate LFO waveforms that can only otherwise be set by changing jumpers on the back of the unit.

You're resonator heavy. So is that something that you want more of? That 4MS module eats up a lot of rackspace. I'd keep in on the wishlist... but for case #2. You might even go with something other than a resonator like the new Make Noise QPAS, a Modor Formant Filter, or an Addac filter bank etc.

I'd recommend more CV compatible effects modules. You have Clouds. But a nice dedicated delay and a nice reverb unit would play well. What you have in pedals is fine; but being able to modulate the settings is much better.

You definitely need more utilities. They aren't cool or sexy but they are the backbone behind generative patches. Voltage/gate controlled switches, envelope followers, logic modules, attenuaters/attenuverters, comparators, hardware sequencers (like small 8 step sequencers), etc. should be researched and under consideration.

The Zadar seems very popular and an expansion for it just came out. But I wouldn't overlook traditional ADSR and other traditional envelope types for this build even if you do decide to add a Zadar.

More VCAs. A bank of simple VCAs will give you a lot more control of this case. Intellijel makes a 4 VCA unit that's very flexible.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions! That definitely made me rethink some of my choices!

The Elements is going to be changed out for a Rings. The CV-controllable effects are a good point and thus, a 4MS DLD will be added to my list.
I forgot to add that I have a Behringer Neutron and an SQ-1 Sequencer. The Neutron can add some of the traditional stuff albeit not with full CV control.
Ripples is going to be changed out for Three Sisters. And I thought of a Just Friends for interesting modulations.
Tides also seems like a nice module, which gives lots of possibilities.

SMR and STO are scrapped altogether, since I should have enough sound sources between Rings/Pluck/Plaits and even Tides.

All in all there is lots to think about, and I will take my time to research more before I buy...