Hi everyone,

I'm planning the future of my system. I presently use Ableton Push for sequencing, but I've been digging Rene as a sequencer and the use of digital oscillators. Currently I own these modules:
Intellijel: Dixie II+, Quadra, Quad VCA, Scales, Triatt.
Doepfer Wasp Filter
Mutable Instruments Kinks
Only that. I'm getting a new 6u 104hp case that has 3 buffered multiples of 1 in x 3 out each.

How would you balance this up? Too many oscillators? Lacking modulation sources? VCAs? Too much of anything in particular?

My idea is to make music and jam around only with the eurorack system. I would consider something like the Keystep to play some melodies.

Any guidance is very much appreciated!

Hi there!

The first thing I noticed is the redundant Dixie. If you already have the Dixie II+, I would not recommend adding another Dixie. Course I could be missing some special application (Dixie in stereo? Do they feed off each other somehow through patching?). A different VCO or some kind of filter would be a better use of that space, or some more VCA.

Speaking of space, that Rene sequencer takes up a lot of HP. I am also in the process of building and from what I read people either really love the Rene, or dislike it/regret buying it. I have been leaning towards a Pioneer DJ Squid for my sequencer (has pads, cv/gate, midi, usb...about the same price as a Rene). Another thought if you have used a Rene before and enjoy it: put the Rene in a separate 4ms pod casing (maybe the 40hp model?).

Modules to think about:
Noise Engineering Pons Asinorum
Nano Modules FONT
Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer

Actually, having a pair of the same or similar VCOs makes perfect sense. If you're using the Dixie II+ as a 'primary' VCO, then the II is an excellent choice as a doubling VCO, since the waveform purity and control behavior should be extremely similar. The Rene choice is also just fine, given that you've paired it with the Tempi; the two of those together are a very potent combo due to some shared functions between the pair. About the only change I'd consider here would be to remove the LxD and the Intellijel Unity Mixer (the TriATT next to it is sufficient), and swap in a pair of Erica Pico LPGs which then give you internal decay envelopes on 'ping' plus some resonance adjustments for better LPG control.

Thank you both for the feedback!

I will check those modules, Mistakeets.

I have tried the Rene mk 1. And from seeing some demos with the Tempi and Rene mk2 I saw many new possibilities. The thing with other more linear sequencers is that they are too up-front and perhaps also quickly satisfying (I was considering a Metropolis) or they have too many functions in a more traditional and linear approach (Eloquencer is another one I had my eye on), which looks to me that I will be doing too much menu diving or button-combinations for results I foresee. I love randomness and unpredictability for my idea of a eurorack system. And the Wogglebug and Rene combo seemed a like a good choice. I imagine I will be able to move things and find myself in the hurry to make quick decisions, reacting to what is happening. If I can put enough time into jamming with it, I'd like to eventually do some kind of live performance.

What I am more afraid of if the lack of modulation and the excess of voices. I'm still a little doubtful about the Telharmonic. But I like the System Cartesian sounds and the Telharmonic plays a big role, plus I believe the Morphagene will allow me to do plenty of fun manipulation of all those sound sources. I consider any alternative you may direct me to.

And yes Lugia, that was the idea with the Dixies, to use the pair with uFold in a sort of complex VCO fashion, plus the possibility of doubling them in a more traditional two-VCO monosynth approach.
I know that a bigger system could provide me many more possibilities. But for the time being, going 6u x 104hp is more of a doable thing. Assembling this system will take me over a year. I will be adding a couple of modules at a time and there is the possibility of some deviations, of course. Nonetheless, I want to have some kind of plan in case I become too doubtful along the way.

I will take a look at this Erica Pico LPGs right away!

Ah...now, if the idea of that uFold is to treat the two VCOs, you might be better off trying to jam a Tiptop Fold Processor in there instead. That module gives you dual inputs, and you also get a square-wave frequency divider for Roland monosynth-ish suboctaves. And even though it's 12 hp, it comes in at a lower price than the uFold. The circuit is a tad different, but the results from the Tiptop folder should be more or less the same...provided you only use one input, that is; the ability to unity-mix and waveshape, though, that's a definite plus and puts Tiptop's module into a different level of functionality.

If you haven't ordered the case yet, perhaps an Intellijel 6U+1U case would be wise? You commented on not having enough buffered mults. That would solve the issue since Intellijel makes a 1U mult. They also offer the Quadratt that can do mixing, attenuation and attenuverting. You can replace the triat with the quadratt and claim the HP space back. They also offer a synth to line level and line level to synth level interface in 1U as well as a small headphone out. I'm not sure if the 1U vector scope will fit in there as well but it's worth a look.

The Integra Funkitus is fine. But you may get more use out of a Temps Utile. The TU might also replace the Tempi. The Quadra could be replaced by an Ornaments and Crime which has a four output envelope/LFO generator that may get you what you want. The TU and O_C are both available in 8HP units. That will save you 14HP.

An option to replace the MakeNoise ModDemix is the Befaco A*B+C. You'll save 2HP if the features are to your liking.

All suggestions to evaluate and then make a decision.