Hey guys,
I'm trying to build a rack for BOC-ish and other ambient noises.
I've tried to design this to be as versatile as possible, so that it won't feel too limited. I'm a total noob, so I have no practical experience, but I've tried to think of all the utilities one might need. currently I have a digitakt that will be used as main sequencer, as well as providing drums and samples, however, I've found the melodic sequencing to be a little tedious and uninspiring. is a eurorack sequencer something i should invest in? another problem is i don't have any way to mix the digitakt and modular together without a computer, and that's what I'm trying to get away from. i'd love to hear your opinions, as I don't have to many people that talk to me about this stuff.

Good afternoon!

Interesting setup you have going on here; has given me some things to think about as I am planning my build. One thing I have noticed is you do not have much in terms of a clock source. Have you thought about adding something from 4ms, Pams workout, or a Make Noise Wogglebug? Perhaps Make Noise Tempi? Clock dividers are fun! :)

Also as I recall the Midi module you have there is discontinued. If you have a source for one that's cool (Im sure you can find one secondhand somewhere), otherwise if I were you, perhaps consider Mutant Brain, uMidi from Intellijel, Doepher A-190-3, or maybe Pittsburgh Midi 3. Thinking about it more, you can probably pull off having your Midi module also be your clock generator too, in which case you may not need something like a Wogglebug or Tempi while starting out (on the fence about that idea).

I might also be missing something here, how are you planning to mix down to to your headphone module? The VCA right to the Make Noise? A mixer module of some kind may be handy, such as Doepher A-138s Mini Stereo mixer. Another VCA could also give you some more to work with.

Noticed you also have quite a few modules from Mannequins. Have you ever taken a look at their little looper module W/ ?

Looking at this setup overall, I would also be on the fence on having the dual ADSR. As your main voice Atlantis already has an ADSR, you could consider dropping the additional ADSR which opens up some space for a filter, LFO, more VCA, or a mixer etc etc. It is very possible I am overlooking a must have aspect of your workflow where the additional ADSR makes sense. :)

Final thought: You can also consider getting a clone Plaits. There are a few makers out there that have a 6hp Plaits clone. You could then squeeze in the W/ if that strikes your fancy, or maybe some modules from 2hp or some Erica Pico modules?