Howdy everybody!

I have been watching this minimal rack video on Youtube and am just fascinated by all the pattern variation this guy is getting! Hoping someone can please help me out and explain the overall signal flow, in particular how the Make Noise LxD and the multiples on that mixer is interacting with everything else. Note quite sure why the guy patches from the multiple to the 12db and and 6db on the LxD? I get how the pulse is feeding the beat on the Zularic Repetitor, and how the Loquelic Iteritas is modulating the signal....then I get kind of confused. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on an alternative way to achieve the same result, I am open ears as I would really like to build something around this idea. Many thanks!

Here is the link for the video by the way:

The Zularic Repetitor is a trigger sequencer. It takes a clock signal and output different patterns of beats.
The Loquilic is an oscillator, just makes a fixed tone, so to get it to make pulses of sound it's plugged into the LXD through that mixer. The signal is being multed to the 2x channels of LxD so that two different drum sounds can be made from the same oscillator.
The LXD is a low pass gate acting on the oscillator, the top and bottom channels sound a little different, and it's being struck by the gates from the Zularic, this makes like a little drum sound each time the gate excites the LXD.

Awesome thank you so much! I get it now....the signal from the Loquilic goes into channel 1 of the mixer....then the mult is being used to feed that signal into the 12db and 6db of the LXD....and the Zularic hits the LXD / the LXD is the gate.