the 4MS Pods is not deep enough (34mm) to hold a Doepfer Wasp (45mm)

The Pod 48x and Pod 60 are deeper than the other pods, I belive 51mm is the max module depth if memory serves.

Take "maximum depth" with a grain of salt. How many rackspaces have access to this maximum depth and how many are much shallower due to components (like power supplies) eating up that depth?

Before you buy a case, research it thoroughly even if it means emailing the manufacturer. Nothing will destroy your rack layout faster than a miscalculation of actual depths of your case and the reality of your modules and how you'd like to place them in your case.

Actually, only the 40X and 48X are 51mm deep. The 60 is the usual 34mm.

The nice thing about the depth figures on the 4ms Pods, though, is that when they say 34mm, they mean it. The power components are all hiding up under that rail area at the top, so there's no busboard, power supply, etc surprises that turn your 60mm deep cab into a 40mm deep cab. The only "extra" impediment would then be ribbons and making sure there's clearance for those.