Hello All

I have been away from here for a while after getting distracted by life etc.
So I sold most of my gear (that I never got round to learning or using correctly) and I'm now looking to start again with the exploration.
I come from a Bass Guitar playing background so this time round I am starting with that in mind and am currently waiting for delivery of a Sonicsmith Squaver P+ that i found for what I consider a good price. This I am hoping with be a creative core of my plan being able to play a Bass and control which ever synths and modular I finally end up with.
So other additions currently are a Boog and a Dfam and with that in mind I am looking to fill a 60hp case to go under the Dfam within the moog two tier.

Any advice for filling this case.

(I also still have a MPC live which I don't have a clue how to use yet)

Hi TheDirtyLow, what are you expecting to get from the modular that your other gear cannot do? The Squaver has a row's worth of functionality to begin with...

I'm hoping to expand on the dfam really with the 60hp with some extra rhythm/weirdness maybe also some looping capability from the Squaver as I was planning on playing my Bass through that into the Boog as a melody section(although I may get an external looper pedal setup for this.

As I say I'm only just building it all up so hoping to keep it quite open for mow and see where it leads.