Hi there,
Anybody have this rack ?

Is it better than Doepfer A 100 p9 case ?

What do you think ?

I had two issues with my doepfer rack a 100 p9, so i'm thinking to buy this one for replace the both doepfer.
Let me know your "reviews"


Basically, the Pittsburgh Structure line was designed (and for a time, built) by Monorocket, who had a reputation for making extremely solid cabs with very ample power supplies. The Structure 420 shows this, both in its built quality and the fact that you get an overload and short-protected 6000 mA on each 12V bus, and 5000 mA on the +5. Compare this with the v.3 power supply on the A-100 p9, which is 2000 mA on the +12, 1200 on the -12, and 4000 mA on the +5V rail.

I think you should seriously consider Pittsburgh's Structure 344, though. 5000 mA on each 12V rail + 3000 mA on the +5, same protections + extra RFI filtering, and you get a really well thought out 1U utility row with some very sensible utilities provided. More expensive, yes, but the extras + the form factor (more like a Doepfer p9 in size) make a good bit of difference.

I have the 420. I got it on sale for $679. I wouldn’t pay full price for it.

It’s extremely solid, well-built and the power is great. But they use proprietary screws, although they’re available in multiple places. It’s quite difficult to screw in a thicker module while using washers. You’d have to measure and get longer screws and make sure you won’t bottom out the rail.

Other than that huge issue, it’s nice. Therefore I’m mixed on it overall. But I can’t complain lately because I managed to find some thinner washers that have worked and now my modules aren’t going anywhere.

Edit : unfortunately I can’t answer other questions or comparisons as it’s my first case. I decided to go prebuilt for sanity’s sake and it was the most HP for the money.