Hello People,

i have reworked my setup for now. this is still a virtual setup, so i am hoping for lots of feedback and comments... let me know what you think,

thanks a lot,


small update,
adding vcas, more envelopes and lfos.


Your VCA unit only offers attenuation via CV. This will limit your abilities to make the most use out of your VCAs. You don't necessarily want your VCAs to fully close. You may also have use for them to manually attenuate a signal. They also lack trims for the CV-IN portion, which means you have to use an external device to attenuate the signal.

IMHO I would ditch that VCA and possibly the Ears and the Malekko send/return unit to make space for a better and bigger VCA unit. The Intellijel Quad VCA is a good choice. There are tons out there that vary in size and capabilities. I'd only get the one you originally selected as a secondary unit to free up my more complicated VCAs and not take up too much space.