After some comments I have modified my first rack that is based on a Arturia Minibrute 2S and a 6U Rackbrute.
I want to extend the Minibrute with more sound possibilites with a path to ambient and maybe som first steps in generative patches.
I have a limited budget so I would be glad if you take away some of my suggested modules if you advice me to get another one.
Or maybe suggest a whole new path.
ModularGrid Rack

I don't think you want both the Marbles and the Turing Machine... Marbles is basically a super TM, so having both would be fun but redundant in a system of this size. Also not sure you need a clock divider here (though again: always fun) since Marbles can divide down from an external clock if need be.

Marbles, Plaits, Ripples, Veils, and Disting could easily function as a fun system all on their own, so I think those five would be a great place to start. I'd leave Ripples for the last purchase of these five, since many of the Plaits algorithms have filtering built in.

Not sure where you are from, but before you buy, check out Juno Records in the UK (even if you are not from the UK... their Mutable Instruments prices are ridiculously low).

Also, since I see you have a Takaab module on there... if you want to save some $$$, and add a solid filter module, you could substitute their dual low pass gate module for Ripples... you'll save about $100, and it will give you a completely different kind of filter from what you already will have in the Brute.

Thank you very much!
I think I will follow your advice in detail. Very good information about overlapping functions in the different modules. Now I will start building :-)

Juno Records was a very good suggestion. Low prices and free shipping to Sweden where I live :-)

I agree that the MI modules would be a great start all by themselves (I am a fan of MI). I don't see an envelope generator in there, though, but Plaits kind of has that built in. Staying within MI, for a final touch of modulation, you might consider adding either Stages or Tides.

Thanks for all advice.
Now I have decided how my first rack will look!
ModularGrid Rack

Effects, sequencer, slew rate limiter?

The Brute has a sequencer in it... but what about smaller sequencers for controlling additional CVs... especially one that can be sync'ed to the Brute's internal sequencer.

The Brute also only has one full ADSR. So you may want to add at least one other ADSR and possibly some more VCAs.

Play with the effects in the Disting and see which ones you'd want from a dedicated module.

Thanks for the advice.
I will use the Disting and figure our how to use the slew rate limiter. If I need that function a dedicated module will be my next buy.
I have PAIA:s modular synth 4700 that I built as a DIY kit 1982. It is still working (partial) . The problem is that it use Hz/V. But I can use the filter, EG, VCA and spring reverb.
I even have the Moog Werkstatt and some guitar stomp boxes like reverb and a Eurorack step sequencer from Synthorek that I can use plus the Korg SQ-1 and Arturia Keystep and Beatstep.
So I think I can have some fun with what I already have for a start.
But I am sure that you are right that the next modules will be a slew rate limiter, an EG, one more VCA and some effect module.
But as I wrote, for the moment I have a limited budget :-(

Check the Expert Sleeper website and download the manual for the Disting. I believe it has a conversion patch for hooking up older synth CV to Eurorack. There aren't enough ins-outs to patch the whole synth but you'll probably get an oscillator or filter to play nicely.

Top row will be my first modules and bottom the next.
ModularGrid Rack