About to compile an ambient rack and just wanted to see what people thought about the module choices I have made and whether I should swap some out for better / other modules. Any advice is gravely appreciated!


I'm a beginner in Eurorack like you and I'm currently planning my first rack.

So there's not much advice I can give you. But I don't think that you need 2 Morphagene.

Agreed it may be overkill, however you could use the Morphagenes to provide 2 additional tracks that are directly accessible with all parameters, kinda like 2 tapedecks, where you could quickly switch the sounds as the Morphagene is faster and more intuitive in sampling and operation than the Er-301.

Filters. VCAs. Envelopes. Line level inputs and outputs... especially if you're sampling externally.

The Batumi has an expander called the Poti. It gives you front panel access to features only natively available via jumpers on the back. It's worth the few dollars and rack space.

Speaking of rackspace. Yours is entirely full. As a first rack you probably want about 50% of your case empty. As your knowledge grows, you'll want to add more modules.

The 1010 Music Bitbox makes for a great sampler as you can record loops of your sounds. It syncs to clock which is extremely helpful.

I would think of all the non-sexy modules like attenuverters, VCAs, , envelope generators, sample & hold, logic, etc. They are what makes modular special. Get an understanding of what they do and you'll be in good shape.