Hi all,
I'm finally taking the dive into eurorack. I have Nord G1 + G2, 0-coast and other CV friendly bits n bobs plus reaktor and some PD experience so I have a basic understanding of what I'm getting myself into :)
Long term, I'm planning something like a Mantis rack - that kinda size, for a hybrid studio setup, but in the shorter term I have got myself a Pittsburgh SV-1 and KB-1 combo that I'd like to have as a little closed system that I can either use with my larger studio or take in the garden for portable jams. Other than the case (which will be a Lifeforms Research Console Case unless anyone has any better suggestions for powered 2x48hp?).
I'm not interested in putting them in a bigger case - this system will just be my first dipping my toe into eurorack type deal, the bigger Mantis rack will probably be MI based.
I'm currently getting into VCV to learn the basics for my bigger rack so I'm in no rush to start buying the Mantis and the modules.

However, to get to the point, the Lifeforms case leaves me with 6hp to play with. Most examples of this Pittsburgh SV-1/KB-1 seems to use just a blank panel. I would like to maximise the usability of this combo. My thoughts at the moment are to go with a ADSRVCA https://www.modulargrid.net/e/steady-state-fate-adsrvca which seems to be the only VCA/env combo that I can fit.
My logic being I could use both VCOs on the SV-1 completely separately in terms of env/gate/pitch. So KB-1 main sequencer or keyb could drive VCO1 and the 4 state mini sequencer could do VCO2. Or I could use the duophonic mode? And if I didn't want to do that I could use it for VCF modulation or something (as the SV-1 just has the one envelope).
Am I correct in this thinking? Would this work? Or is there a more useful module to put in?
Bear in mind, I do have 0-coast and other bits to use if I want but I wanted it to work nicely on it's own (well with a fx pedal).
In terms of the music style, experimental/ambient/glitchy/classic electronics - pretty open really so the more versatile the better.


Your rack link didn't work..


Hopefully this will - ta for the headsup!

Another idea for that last 6hp -

ES Disting mk4 (VCA/env functions as before but much much more versatility if I want to do something different)

plus another 2hp module - more vcas? or 2hp verb (replaces need for ext fx when going portable but the SV-1 output module is mono so stereo output probably useless?) or something to add to the 2nd vco sequencing options (2hp Brst or Euclid or some logic?)

A better option? (I'm almost 100% sure the Disting mk4 would be useful in my later, bigger rack so not a wasted purchase)


Disting is definitely great for versatility, and if you're planning a bigger rack later, it can help you to know whether you need a module of a particular type (because you can use the Disting as that module, almost certainly). If you buy one, you will never need to get rid of it. But it's also a bit menu-divey, and it's impossible to remember what module is in which bank, so you need the manual at hand most of the time (or a cheatsheet). Then again, you're usually going to only set what module it's using once every few patches. Disting has a euclidean pattern generator included.

If you already have a midi controller, you might be better off using that with a midi -> CV converter than using the KB-1.

ADSRVCA looks like a very useful module, as it can be used as an LFO, and the VCA can be used separately from the envelope if you want..

Hi - thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I'm torn between the disting because it seems ideal for a beginner like me to learn different modules and suss out what I might find essential or less useful or the ADSRVCA that keeps things simple. I have the KB-1 and SV-1 already (prices were too good to miss). I'm in no immediate rush to decide as the case isn't available until late Nov by the looks of it. I might just keep an eye on both modules and if either comes up at a decent price, let that be the deciding factor. Even if I get the ADSRVCA, like you say, I'll no doubt be getting a disting later down the line!