I got into modular world quite recently; I started with a Neutron and DFAM and added few things.
I work a with a computer and also stand alone; anything from experimental/IDM to Dark/industrial techno
My actual set up looks like this:
ModularGrid Rack

But I decided to sell the Neutron (despite people complaining about behringer is what got me into modular),; although has lots of patching options the overall sound is not for me . I even end up using the DFAM more for synth sounds. I will also sell the hexinverter Mutant brain; 0-coast has midi, I also own a Korg SQ-1 and my audio interface (presonus studio 1810) can send CV. So I am served (Mutant brain was the first one of these).
I also own a Bastl Kastle V1.5 I am selling too; I barely use it.

I have just bought an 0-coast ( I really like the way it sounds) and a mutable instruments links

I am considering two options, either move to a smaller 84hp case or keep the 104hp one (although there will be quite a lot of empty space for a while)

ModularGrid Rack

ModularGrid Rack

So, so far I own and will keep DFAM, 0-coast, Maths, ALM-06 (really useful if you own guitar pedals) Disting MK4, and links. I also own a Korg SQ-1, Volca Kick and Volca Drum and¡ a Kaoss Pad 3. The mixer is a Behringer QX1204USB
I will probably add a behringer crave (low cost alternative to Mother 32, which pairs well with DFAM) and a Roland TR8S(I prefer a Drum Machine over a sampler like Digitakt, and can not afford Analog Rytm)

I plan to add a VCA (either Intellijel uVCA/Quad VCA or Veils), maybe kinks. I do not want to add many modules at once, I have just scratched the surface of maths and Disting Mk4.

What modules do you think I should or could add to this set up first (I hear Pamela´s workout, ModDemix, and other)..maybe add the VCA/quad VCA or wait, what other utilities ..maybe another filter?
I do not mind (In fact I prefer) to buy second hand and/or old/mkI versions


As has come up on here numerous times, putting patchables that already have a powered case into another case for which you need power isn't a very economical move. Basically, you're paying to case and power these patchables twice...and given the cost per hp of space in a Eurorack cab with power, that's costing you perhaps a few hundred to do in terms of loss of Eurorack cab space.

Maybe one day this will be a problem but for now I already have a 6U104HP DIY flightcase (260€) and lots of room (because the neutron goes). Main reason I prefer to rack these semimodular synths is for transport and to keep the system as compact and tidy as possible. If one day I end up needing more room I can always put them back in their case.
The expensive part of eurorack is not the case, is the modules. A 6U104hp full of eurorack modules goes for around 4000-5000€, the 270€ spent on the case is just a 5%