Ok, so I’m new to eurorack (so fun!), but am struggling getting good illumination on my case. Does anyone make lighting modules? LED BNC lamps (like what are used on audio mixers) only draw 50mA or so off +12VDC and would fit great in a 4hp panel. Anyone seen something like this? $25 and 2 hours to make one, but wonder if any are commercially available, thanks!

They do, but they're not the BNC connector type. Synthwerks has dimmable USB modules that work with typical 5V USB LED goosenecks, for example.

Awesome, thanks! I searched for a long time and didn’t find!


If you have an Intellijel case with a 1U row, they make a USB outlet that retails for around $15US.

USB gooseneck reading lights should work well.

I also wondered. Only thing I found is "LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 modules", but they are sold out.
Am still searchin

There's quite a few USB power modules out now from the likes of Doepfer, VOID, Endorphin.es, Pulplogic (for "standard" tile rows), Intellijel (for Intellijel tile rows), Konstant Lab, Frap, and Synthrotek. The Doepfer one would actually be fairly interesting in the middle of the top row on a larger build, as it can support four inexpensive USB gooseneck lights. Put two short and two long ones on this, arrange suitably...very cool results.

@Lugia thx, that helped a lot. Gonna order the doepfer module and a nice gooseneck lamp. With the 4 ports I can also power my tr-03 :)