About Modules

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Plaits: My favorite, it's a macro-oscillator, very easy to use and modulation, also has beautiful voices. Must have it!

Galilean Moons: It's a brilliant module. You can use it as VCO, Envelope, or just some small fx. It's originally an expender from another module, but you can also use without that (i always use it alone).

Chord v2: A polyphonic oscillator, making chord of course haha but beautiful voices. Normally the one module can only make one voice, if you wanna make a chord, you'll need...............

Prism: A multi signal processor, it has 2 stereo input and 2 stereo output, the best thing is, besides the normal control parameter, it has a "filter type" control with CV, also can use in clock input. It has lots of fun function, can add more changes to your music.

Filter 8: It's a multimode filter and 8 phase oscillator. You can see so much CV jack on it, so just patch it and twist it, you will get lots of surprises, trust me~

ABC: Very useful mixer, because of it so tiny, just 5HP, and have 6 channel. Super for the small set.

Audio Interface II: You can use it to connect your external line level instrument, fx units, synths or drum machines that you can play along with your eurorack. You can also patch it out to a DAW or whatever you want.

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Disting mk4: Very very very very useful module in just 4HP. It has hundreds function inside, whatever what features your rack missing, it all can give you. It also has a micro SD card slot, support audio files, it can read loop marker in audio files, MIDI files, MIDI/CV conversion, scales files, and playlist files for all forms. Just need to read and find the function code you need in the user manual (too much to remember!)

Erbe-Verb: A DSP Reverb with many control options. ( if you have some external reverb device like guitar pedal or any hardware, you can also use those, the difference is those are not eurorack, so it's up to you. My point is, if you want to put something more interested modules in your rack, but out of the space, than you could consider that option. Or you could buy a big case at first then put them all inside hahaha!)

Maths: A analog computer, based on tradition Buchla's Algebraic Processor. Legend!

Belgrad: 1976 Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter. Like the big knob design.

FLXS1: 4 channel 64 step sequencer. A great sequencer with multi-function and colorful design. The only thing is, just 4 channel, not enough for a big set, but super for the small set. Or can also work with different multi sequencers in the future, they are all can sync with the same clock.

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Spherical Wavetable Navigator: Six channel synthesizer with six wavetable oscillators. The chords and modulation are great, just a little hard to trig the right chords in sequencing, but lots of possibilities. Im still working on it.

Shapeshifter: Dual Complex Wavetable VCO, multi voices choice, a lot of modulation and control possibilities. It has preset sequencing and morphing, delay based resonator, 64-band vocoder mode, analog wavefolder, detuneable 8-note chords, extensive sync, pulse and mod B options etc. Very useful module.

Pressure Points: Touch Controller / Manual Sequencer. It has touch plates, if you wanna play something by hand in your rack, you can use this. (you can also use the controller / keyboard who has cv output to play with your rack.)

Loquelic Iteritas: Super powerful voice, it's really awesome... If you like the characteristically wicked voice, that's it. BEST one! When i first time patches it and heard that voice, it shocked me out, i really got physically attacked by its voice. I think you can use that voice, this module, to kill someone, no kidding... I can't use it more than 5 min, it quite hard to stand, so still not succeeded in making a single patch with it... Just take a listen, you will see...

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Eloquencer: Best Eurorack sequencer, i think everyone has it haha. Just a little bit big for a small set.

Rene Mk2: 3D cartesian music sequencer. It's a unique sequencer, different than others. If you have space, could have some fun with it.

Hi MusikM,

Is this system something you got already or are you in the planning phase and considering this?

You really got a lot of interesting modules in this one, I wish I was as daring as you are :-)

Without wanting to sound or to be negative... I miss a bit the "basic stuff". Did I overlooked it or don't I see any envelopes? You might want to consider a few of those EGs. How about VCAs? You also might want to consider a slightly bit bigger case 5 * 84 perhaps so you have some spare space since this case is already pretty full and you might not have enough space for the near future.

As you mentioned for this not too large setup, do you really need two large sequencers to start with? If the Eloquencer is the best module, why do you still need the FLXS1? ;-) I am myself still looking for a good sequencer and I still can't decide. I am waiting for the Endorphin.es Ground Control and Erica Synths Black Sequencer, hoping that one of these will be the sequencer I am looking for.

If you have hands on experience with the Eloquencer then please let me know how are your findings about it? I am quite interested in that module too.

Good luck with planning(?) of this setup and kind regards,

Garfield Modular.

Hmmm...a poster example of "Sexy Module Syndrome"...

This will not only not work the way you expect, it won't work that way with MAXIMAL expense! I hope you haven't bought all of this, because there's some grave mistakes here. Let's rip into this...

I see three (actually 3 1/2, but you didn't add the Brains along with the Pressure Points) sequencers. And I see ZERO modules which can work with timing trigger/gates to create more complex pattern behavior between the three. No delays, no comparators, no logic, no probabilistics, no dividers, no multipliers. Zilch.

There are NO VCAs! None! Yeah, I know...VCAs look BORE-INGG, but they're quite essential. How do you expect to control any of your levels, audio or CV/mod, without those? And, for that matter...

There are NO EGs! Well, there's one lone Maths that's being tasked with every single bit of modulator duties in this build. But the Maths isn't exactly a dedicated envelope generator that can give you the nice exponential envelopes you need for your audio path VCAs (when you decided to put them in). Where are your LFOs? Your standard envelope gens?

There is ONE mixer in this entire build. Given that you need mixers and/or adders to combine signals, ahhh...yeah.

Basically, this is a great example of how to spend money to fill up a Eurorack cab, but it's missing about half of the sleepy-looking scutwork-type modules that MUST be in there to make these sexy, expensive, blinky ones function optimally. Or, for that matter, as a synthesizer in general. As it stands now, it's an interesting collection of...stuff, but a poorly-planned one, in the end. If this is simply a MG build, I would suggest deleting it and starting over AFTER taking some time to study how classic synths are structured and AFTER quite a bit of time spent here on MG going through the really dull-looking modules and understanding what those are for. And believe me, they definitely exist for a reason!

Oh...one last thing: Maths = Serge DUSG. Not Buchla. Again...study, don't just read adverts. Go back and look at a Serge system and a Buchla 200 (same general vintage) side by side. Don never used the same sort of slope gen implementations that Serge Tcherepnin did, mainly because Don kept his audio and control paths separate and Serge didn't. This is the sort of thing you pick up on from actually digging into the history, concept, and so on behind these classic systems, along with why they're designed the way they are. By picking up on these concepts the...yes, hard way...you learn to avoid critical (and costly) mistakes in designing a modular. And the above is definitely quite costly!