I have a ”problem” with Minibrute 2S.
With pitch in to VCO 1 from Marbles CV out (0-2V) the MB2S plays, as supposed, in the lowest octaves.
With VCO 2 there is no problem as it can be tuned to all octaves when fed from an external pitch CV.
But for VCO 1 there is only a fine tuning so I am stucked with only low pitches from Marbles when I use VCO 1.
(I do nor want to use the Output voltage range 0 to +5V or -5 to +5V).
That is confirmed from Arturia who have tried to help me.
My walk-around is to use Distings algorithm A-1 Precision Adder and add 1 or 2V to the pitch CV from Marbles. That works fine but I am sure you guys have a much better solution.

What exactly would the problem be in using the 0V - +5V range? Those are perfectly normal CV values, and by using the Disting, you're definitely up in that range going into the 2S. I'd say take the Disting's adder out of the patch and use the wider CV range, and just restrict the Marbles' behavior so that the amount of voltage swing is reduced but within the desired range of activity. Besides, it's a bit of a waste of what the Disting can/should be doing.

Sorry to say, but I have not figured out how to tune Marbles CV range to for example +2V to +4V. But I will try.

Now I understand what to do.
I guess I can not get a precise range like exactly +2V to +4V. But I can live with that :-)

Try using the Disting as a quantizer instead. You might have a better shot at constraining the CV values that way, plus it'll give you proper scalar intervals to send back to the 2S's VCO1.