ModularGrid Rack

I'm quite happy with the way my setup is at the moment, but I'd like to fill up the empty space I have left. My modules are mounted in 2 Arturia Rackbrute 6U's.

What do you guys think would be a nice addition to my setup? Anything is welcome!

I will probably order the EME for my Eloquencer, but I'm thinking about something else every time I try and decide.. Chords V2, Magneto, Morphogene...

Curious what you guys have to say! Thanks!

Oh, also useful to know; I have an Oberheim SEM Pro (with MIDI>CV) sitting next to my Eurorack. :)

Hi Clemenswenners,

I wouldn't use up all the space straight from the beginning if I were you. Keep some space as a reserve, that always is good to have. You need to get some experience first with the system to show you where you might have a lack of modules for. But if you use up straight away that space, you can't add any more modules, so please keep (quite) some space left; i.e. more space left than you have now.

Perhaps you should consider one or two envelopes, I am missing "default" (non-fancy) envelopes.

Kind regards and good luck, Garfield Modular.

I'm not getting this at all. So, this is a pair of Rackbrutes. But the bottom 6U may just as well be a Minibrute 2S. And since that's a cheaper alternative, then why not just use a Minibrute 2S? A smarter move would be to not put the Boog in the cab in the first place, since it already has its own cab and that cab already has power. Use your Eurorack space for things that NEED the housing and power instead.

Garfield's right about the envelopes, also...there's not really any proper ones there. Ripping out the Boog will give you back 70 hp (a RIDICULOUS amount of space for any module to take up, fyi) and that should allow for proper EGs, attenuverters (you want to be able to invert envelopes...a big "win" with VCFs, especially) and all of the other bits that need to be there. Oh, and about that do realize that it's a DIY module and also has a 150 mm reverb tank that will require space inside that Rackbrute for mounting, right? If that hadn't occurred to you, it might also be a candidate for removal, as it's yet another ginormous module in a little cab, which is always a bad idea.

Hahaha, guys. I should've told you that I've been using this rack for months on and off stage. It suits my needs, but I'm just looking to spice things up a little bit with the space I have left. Should've been clearer. My bad!

More envelopes would be nice, I'm considering Stages. Any other EGs you would recommend? :)

I need the Model D in my rack because I need that specific sound on stage and it's convenient right there in my rack.

And as far as Antiphon goes. It's a weird oddball. Building it was fun, the spring reverb is nice to mess with live (it's mounted right behind the Antiphon in the rack) and it's nice for weird drones.

Thanks for your input so far.. curious what you think I should check out!

A clock divider or clock module would be nice.

Pam's New Workout or a Temps Utile would work well. Your Eloquencer can give you clocks. But then you give up that many output you could put towards sequencing. The PNW and TU should give you clocks and some other features. I don't have the PNW but I do have the Temps Utile. It can do clock divisions and multiplications... as well as Euclidean rhythms and plain gate/trigger sequencing, some internal logic functions, etc. It's also possible to store the state of the unit and recall it. Which might be great for a live situation.

Hi Clemenswenners,

Ha, ha, you got us there ;-)

I guess the Stages is fine. If you just want a "classic" and "standard/default" ADSR but with all kind of possibilities like every stage (A, D, S and R) can be controlled separately, then I am myself very happy with the Erica Synths - Black VC EG. For that module you can get an expander module (Black VC EG Expander) as well with an extra output, an inverted output and a bi-polar output. But it looks like this module is sold out, so it might be difficult to find a dealer who has one on stock left.

Or you might want to consider the Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO (that one you can use either as a single ADSR, as a dual AR, as a dual LFO, or as one AR & one LFO; I like it because it's quite flexible in how you like to use it and still pretty much a "standard" ADSR) or the Hakiri Instruments Triple AD (nice one). Or if you want to go for just a good straight forward ADSR then the Doepfer A-140 is great for just that purpose.

Good luck with the search for an envelope and kind regards, Garfield.