The way I'm using this set up is to obtain some sort of ritmic randomnes and record it Midi in the MPC (The results are pretty interesting)
My main question is about the Doepfer A 192-2 (CV to Midi module)
Since it has 2 independent channels
How do I set the second channel so I can run 2 random sequences from 2 different midi channels?
Right now I have it's midi IN going in to the OUT of my MPC 2000xl
Which it controls other Synths:
Roland D110
Akai S2800
Volca Bass
Volca fm
Then the A192 goes to the blue lantern Quantizer for pitch (thru an LFO and or Sample &hold) and Temps Utile for ritmic randomness

This is the same set-up you posted in another thread yesterday.

Yes I was hoping to Explain it better
I also eliminated some modules and left what I actually have
In order to avoid confusion