I want to use Qu-bit Bloom as a midi-sequencer for my synths (Elektron Digitakt, Digitone). I plan on using the Doepfer A 192-2 in order to translate CV to MIDI . This combo could trigger gate, pitch, and velocity on my synths, right?

I might add something to modulate Bloom, but other than that, do I need anything else?


In theory, yes. However, unless you already have a Eurorack rig, this seems sort of inefficient. You're talking about $519 for the modules alone, plus whatever case/power you'd have to get if you don't already have that on hand. And then, you'd only have two channels (and no velocity...the Bloom doesn't transmit that). Plus, both of those Elektron boxes already have sequencing onboard.

If the idea here is to employ a master sequencer to control the Elektrons, or to inject random variables into the behavior of those boxes, it would seem to me to make more sense to employ a standalone device such as a Squarp Pyramid (if you don't have a Eurorack rig already) or a Squarp Hermod (if you do). The Hermod has MIDI (no need for the Doepfer module), does transmit velocity and aftertouch (bonus), has ample randomization and parameter stacking for days. And the Pyramid is basically a beefier Hermod in its own self-contained case. Plus the Hermod actually comes in at $20 less than the Qu-bit/Doepfer pair and gives you eight tracks whereas the original idea only offered two.

Thank you for a great reply! It was very helpful.

I totally get the idea that it's a lot of money for just one functionallity, when the Elektrons already have very powerful sequencers. The reason I'm thinking about Bloom as an alternative, is that I would like to have the opportunity for creating happy accidents, to create music more intuitively. I've been interested in Marbles earlier, but I think Bloom might just be a little more interesting. I've just looked a little into the Squarps, but don't know a lot about them. But from what I understand, they are similar to the Elektrons (at least the Pyramid), that the sequencers are very powerful (when you know what you want), but perhaps not as intuitive as Bloom (when you want to just follow the flow, and see where it takes you).

I've also been very interested in Eurorack for a long time, so this might be a way to start. I could then add, say an 0-coast, which would be a cool combo with the Bloom.