Hello, i would like to have your opinion on my rack.
to start my eurorack i already buy the moog mother 32 so i built the rack around it.
My goal is to have a ambient sound (like r beny for exemple) but also techno stuff ,so i wanted to make a polyvalent system

What do you think about it ?
(sorry for the english it's not my first language)

ModularGrid Rack

(the picture may only show the mother 32 click on it to fix it)

Hi Nerophix,

You got quite some nice fancy modules in this rack ;-) That's nice to see but it certainly has disadvantages too...

Depending on what you have already, but assuming here you have no other devices just that what you are planning here in the above shown rack then you got yourself too many fancy modules planned and too less classic and basic components like oscillators, LFOs (okay I saw that Doepfer A-145, that one together with the Moog that might be enough to start with), filters, envelopes (yes I saw the Maths but that one is too nice to use just use it as an envelope; of all the fancy modules at least keep this one, nice module), VCAs, audio input & output module and in your cases you might want to check if the Moog can be directly used with a Eurorack system, if I am not mistaken that's not 100% compatible, so better check that first before you start.

You also got far too less space. So why not leave the Moog out and put that back in it's original casing, that saves you a lot of space that you really will need with the above mentioned modules.

Regarding the music you like to create, I have no experience with that so can't help you there, perhaps other members can give you some advice into that direction.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the Make Noise MMG, are you sure you are still able to buy that one? I can't find it with my regular dealers, so you might want to check that too.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hello, thank you for the answer !, yes the moog is compatible with eurorack and it's the only "module" that i have.

i have other questions for you:
What "classics" modules do you recommend me to add and what module should i remove ?
whats first modules should i buy to start because i have 700 € to start (including the case but i am going to build it myself)?
For the MMG what module can i buy to replace it ?
The clouds by mutable is too not more available but i see some clones on ebay.

thanks again :)

Honestly, this build has some very serious problems. You only have one mixer, a linear one. There are no VCAs here for either audio or CV/mod level control. Having the M32 in the cab with everything else is expensive and a waste of space...unless you like paying to power and case a device twice, don't do this. There's nothing to correct the crosspatching issues between Eurorack and the Moog. And why in god's name is the P/S in the middleof the row where you'll have the power cable subject to easy disconnection while patching?

OK...you have the M32 already. Do you feel that you've exhausted the possibilities it offers, and this is why you "need" Eurorack, or is this just "something cool" that looks right...until you run smack-dab into the wall of technical issues and MONEY that Eurorack poses?

I strongly suggest some considerable time be spent with VCV Rack before going further. The extreme "Sexy Module" problem above indicates to me that, while you have an idea of what's needed, you don't understand what else has to be there to make those "classics" work in the way they can. There are a LOT of "boring" modules that modular synths require in addition to the snazzy ones; get a copy of VCV Rack and you'll see what I mean.

Hi Nerophix,

Pfeew... With a budget of Euro 700 I would recommend to put your plans on hold and save first a bit more so you feel financially more comfortable. A good rack is already Euro 700 (Intellijel 7U for example). If you go for low cost Doepfer, the A-100LS9 is at Euro 349, that's about the smallest I would consider if I were you. With that there is only Euro 351 left for your budget, for that you wouldn't get all those modules you displayed in the rack...

Sorry, I wouldn't know what MMG or Clouds can be replaced by.

For "classic" modules and looking at your budget, please have a look at some of the Doepfer modules, they are reasonably priced and are good products. I got several modules of Doepfer myself and I am quite happy with them.

I still recommend to play first a lot more around with the Moog, that gives you more experience and also for yourself a better idea of what you want and meanwhile you can try to save some more money to increase your budget. Then next year if your budget is hopefully in 4 digits area then plan again, by then you should better idea of what you want regarding your experiences with the Moog.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

Hello !, thanks for all your advises.

i already do some VCV rack but maybe d'ont patch like it should be, for the moog i already mastery it because i'm not new to sythesis i already do some digital sythesis (FM8,Massive,Serum) but i wanted to do live music and have a different way to do it. i think you are right i'm not ready for eurorack, so what do you think about buy an another mother 32 or a DFAM to expand it and to have more possibilities, because i feel very limited and i would like to do polyphony and make live music without computeur or looper.

what do you think about that ?


If you want polyphony, buy a polyphonic synth. Ganging monophonic synths or even Eurorack isn't very efficient.

I wouldn't be afraid to get into Eurorack. But another semi-modular synth would be way less expensive than diving fulling into Eurorack. There are a lot semi-modular and even synth-voices (complete synths in Eurorack format).

I would probably go with a skiff and pick up modules to supplement the Mother 32 where you feel it is weak or to give you options with alternate filters and effects. Effects like wavefolders, distortion, ring modulation, CV modulation, attenuverters, etc. can spice up what you have.

i made a new modular rack to add with amother 32 , is it better ?

i still d'ont know if i go for a semi-modular or if i start eurorack but i made it for fun and maybe do it one day :).

ModularGrid Rack

Hi Nerophix,

Since you are not sure, perhaps you should indeed consider to get one more semi-modular, to see if this Eurorack is really what you want? For example the Neutron from Behringer is a fantastic device. I started with that one as well and though I got now a Eurorack system, I still use the Neutron regular in combination with my Eurorack stuff.

The Neutron is reasonably priced and is not so expensive as a good start in Eurorack. So after using the Neutron (or Model D for example) for awhile and you feel really excited to go further, then yes, Eurorack might be perhaps something for you. But if it isn't at least you didn't spent so much money (and efforts) into a Eurorack.

At the end, it's up to you. If you decide to go directly for Eurorack, I would recommend a larger case, the one you show is just too small. You don't have to fill it up completely first, keep for example one row free for future extension.

Tough decision to make, so I like you to wish good luck with that decision. Don't rush it and take your sweet time for it. Kind regards, Garfield.