I would be grateful to get some advice on my rack. This rack is for real though, and not a plan. What should I get next. Utilities probably, but what to prioritize?
A slew limiter, another mixer, (like the Endoprhin.es Cockpit that I can get rather cheap), a mixer for CV, another filter and or a LPG, a "proper" VCA, mults, (yes definitely mults), a sequential switch? What do you think?

I got two Mother 32's and a Dreadbox Nyx + a Zoma Lyra 8 and pedals that I use with this rack.


First up, unless you have a Clouds onhand, you can delete that module as it's been discontinued for quite some time now. Not a bad thing, actually, as you could go with a 3rd-party build that'll be a lot smaller.

Mordax's DATA...hm...I sort of think it's more of a toy, eye-candy. Consider: how much do you need the o-scope and FFT analyzer functions? The other things it does, you either have already (Octocontroller, which handles all of the DATA's timing tricks and then some) or would do better getting in individual modules (the VCO capabilities). Remember: this is a very space-limited build, and the smaller you can make everything (within reason) the more functionality you can cram in. So that would also preclude losing the Elements and Blinds as well and also going with 3rd-party builds of those in order to save panel space.

VCAs? Yeah...this thing desperately needs them. Codex Modulex's version of the Mutable Veils would be a good pick. Right now, this doesn't have any proper VCAs at all, and that's a pretty serious problem as it leaves you incapable of controlling audio and/or CV/mod levels with your modulation sources.

As for the rest...get the initial build here reconfigured with smaller versions of the Mutable stuff, lose the Clouds and probably the DATA, then it'll be easier to see where to take things.

OK...after checking the edit above and the PM, some suggestions...

First up, given your sight issues, I wouldn't lose the Elements. That's a very useful device, inasmuch as you have the modelling generator and the resonator (aka Rings) in one package here, and it's bigger and clearer to use than the 3rd party builds. The Contour should definitely stay as well...not only does it have the ability to work as four AD envelopes, you can loop these and use each section as an LFO with CV-controllable rise and fall. And the Penrose quantizer + dual S&H actually give you the rudiments of an analog shift register, so those need to be there. Basically, the module compliment (aside of the DATA) is fine...you just need to fill the hole with the right toys.

If you need the larger panel space (yeah...my near vision is totally shot, too) for VCAs, your best bet is probably Intellijel's Quad VCA. Basically the same thing as the Mutable Veils, $10 cheaper. Then you can use the Blinds as a quad CVable attenuverter, which should really help that OTA VCF sing as you can then feed it inverse envelopes and/or complex mixed modulation. As for a second filter, try something more exotic; the OTA VCF has your basics covered. Maybe Dave Rossum's Linnaeus would be a good fit there.

As for the next 104 hp you're thinking about, consider dedicating that largely to sequencing and timing. The quant setup there could make use of a good sequencer, which also means a decent clock and clock-mod setup. Definitely consider adding some logic gates at that point; logic + things like comparators, skippers, divide/multipliers, etc add lots of potential rhythmic complexity. As for which sequencer, that depends more on the sort of music you tend to create, as some sequencers do certain things better than others.

Reading glasses. I've given in to my age and I use them when I need them. It's best to just leave a pair of readers next to your set-up. I found a pair of fold-up glasses that fit into a case the size of an oversized cigarette lighter. I keep them in my pocket.

The next issue for older eyes would be proper lighting. I love a dimly lit room when I'm being creative. But dim light makes seeing tiny print even harder. For this, I have tree solutions. I placed a large lamp in my music room. I also have a desktop lamp with a gooseneck. The third thing is having a USB charging port connected to the 5v rails in each of my 3 cases (Intellijel). I can then use USB gooseneck reading lamps in my case. But you'll want to check if they inject noise into your signal and pull them before recording.

For rhythmic complexity... I like Euclidean generators. I won't explain them here, but you can find several modules capable of generating them either as dedicated modules or a function within... like the Temps Utile module. I'm also considering buying a second hand Trigger Riot after watching a few videos on it. I really like the idea of creating rhythms by indirectly influencing a parameter than simply just programming them by hand. You can get pretty wild by patching from one Euclidean generator to another, throw in a logic module, and possibly triggering a reset periodically. You can also use/misuse clock dividers to great effect in the chain somewhere. You can also literally mix gates/triggers together at low volume and where they align you'll get a legit trigger (devices like logic modules want to see a minimum voltage to count a signal as being true, so they are great to add to the end of the analog summing to make sure you get clean gates/triggers).

That is a test message that should proove, that the eternal spinning bug on quotes is fixed. E.G. comments are working again on rack view.

Yea! Thank you
Looks like a cat to me

I PM'd this earlier as a bug prevented me from posting. MG fixed it so now it is here : )

Hi and thank you for your comments. I wanted to reply in that tread, but for some reason the wheel of hell is just spinning.
Anyway, sorry that I did not make it clear that this is my current rack for real, and silly me also forgot to mention that I already got two Mother 32's and a Dreadbox Nyx + a Zoma Lyra 8 and pedals that I use with the rack.
I acquired all my modules on the secondhand market and sales except the Data. Clouds was the first after the second Mother. The Data is the newest and has actually thought and helped me much in getting my head around things. Maybe because I'm educated in visual arts and started with music late in life..
After I played with Volkas I can't stand tiny modules/potentiometers. My sight is also not that good anymore, that's why Data and not O'Tool.
After I'v filled up this case the plan is to get another 104hp, but before that I will probably swap Elements for Rings and maybe Contour is a bit to big for what it does..

I PM'd this earlier as a bug prevented me from posting. MG fixed it so now it is here : D

Hi W Mr Lugia
Still can't reply in the tread. Have reported this but no reply yet, so that's why I PM you again.
Thank's once again for your time and valuable input. Yes that Intelljel VCA is something I'v tried to get hold on a few times. Something with that boost that would be useful for connecting external devices.
The case is filling up so I will probably go for a Cre8audio Nifty case in the beginning of next year.
I will also build a tiny case for passive/unpowered modules. I got a quad Atten and the Takaab LPG looks interesting with it's great reviews and low price.
I also got Xaoc Warna and Belgrade for a wherry good price since last.
One last thing. I got all my modules except Data either secondhand or on sale until now.
Thank you once again.

I PM'd this earlier as a bug prevented me from posting. MG fixed it so now it is here 8 )

Hi Ronin and thank's for your input.

I have several setts of glasses and a dual music stand light by M&K that can run by USB or normal power outlets.
Anyway, my case is filling up so I will get another case, probably the new Nifty by Cre8audio after x-mas some time.
I'm more into ambient stuff so complex rhythm's are not that important to me, but yes euclidean circles modules are wherry intriguing but I will prioritize a Intellijel VCA and Joranalog slew limiter.
In case you need a LPG i found this one:
Btw. I got all my modules except the Data either secondhand or on sale, so the order of my acquisitions is not that logical.

The micro version of the Temps Utile is 8HP. It offers up to 6 channels of Euclidean rhythms, gate sequencing, clocks, clock dividing/multiplying, etc.

Maths makes for great slew limiting since the rising and falling slopes can be slewed at different rates. You could also use a Befaco Rampage instead. It depends what other features you'd also like to have on-tap.

Thank you again Ronin 1973

In between jobs and X-mas is looming in a not to far distance meaning some obligations money wise, so I'll bring your advice to myself into the next year some time.