This is a quick demo of Izotope Neutron but please ignore that part, I want you to focus on the trap 808 bass.. he sequences the shit out of it! I've tried using my voltage block, Pamela's, and a Function w VCA to get this and I can't come close. Go to 1min 10 sec. into the video seems my youtube link with time stamp gets ignored.

So what Sequencer for gates and tones can possibly make this crazy Trap Bass stuff?

I've got my focus on the Metron with two Voltera modules or the Livestock Shepherd. Or do I just need to use another method? Many thanks!

For Trap-style, it's all about the ratcheting. So when you review any Eurorack sequencer, you'll want to look for this feature. Ratcheting takes the current step and subdivides the gate into multiple gates, giving you the 32nd notes or whatever division you'd like in your ratchets.

You're going to want to run your 808-style kick through some sort of drive or distortion module to get some crunch out of it. Are you having trouble making an 808-style kick in Eurorack?

Hi Ronin thanks for clarifying that!!

well its too late now i was in Chicago at CME and got a Rene 2 sequencer and i combine that with my arpitecht

thing is i like the gate behavior like delays stops etc of the Rene but i cant find a good way to get the ratcheting effect damn!

i bet the Rene can do it i just dont quite know how, maybe combine x and y sequences or use the amazing c sequence i am perplexed

i have a pamela's new workout also

any help appreciated thanks again

Don't fret. Go to Youtube and find some tutorials on Eurorack + ratcheting. It's a commonly used effect. Your sequencer doesn't have to ratchet itself. You may want to check out the Befaco Muxlicer and some other modules. Basically you substitute your normal gate for one that's a multiple of that gate.

You might also look into Make Noise's TEMPI module. This is designed to tandem with the Rene2 via a backplane connection, and majorly ups the game on timing and clocking capabilities with that sequencer.

Lugia i did see Tempi but since i already have the pamela's new workout i didnt grab it

i may have to get one and trade away my pamelas

i also read u can use the batumi with the divider outs on the square wave as a clock source i may dig into that too

Update: I worked on this for a while and figured out at least some sort of OK ratcheting.. it does not sound like the track at the start but its got some of that spirit.

  1. Setup a simple 808 type sequence on Rene X channel - with 808 don't go to many notes apart. Enable all gates and all access channels. Make sure to enable 'sleep' mode for x in the function page.
  2. Setup the Y channel of Rene to spit out a tone that goes directly to the CV2 in of Pamela's new workout (+/- one, CV1 wont work as its + only). Do not enable sleep mode, for simplicity of different clock bpm changes disable access and gates to most of the Y channel as you see fit. Make sure sleep mode is not turned on. Big key here you have to set the quant page of the Y seq. to level 4, four full ocataves that way there is enough CV voltage to properly move the Pamela's CV2 clock based on knob turns in the Y seq.
  3. In the main Pamela's new workout clock page setup a clock to use the CV from Rene Y channel see #2 above, as a clock modifier so depending on the voltage of the Rene coming out i.e. what note you are playing, it will increase or decrease the clock! Must use CV2 option not cv1. To do this just crank the clock multiplier past 512 and the next one is CV1 (does not work) and then CV2 that works great.
  4. Use that clock to set the X channel in Rene and pull a new slower clock to feed the Rene Y channel that way you can sequence your bpm changes slower than the X channel will play the notes.
  5. Patch the Y gate out of Rene back to the Rene X channel 'Xmod' input then choose 'reset' in the function menu so every time the Y gate hits it resets the X and plays a gate and cv, that way every time it changes rates it also plays a note and gate on the X channel so you don't get any missed beats where it changes to the next note with no gate - that was an issue.

Its not perfect but it kind of works

there is one big missing item, i need to figure out a way to CV control the Y channel so i can make that go faster or slower, right now all the changes in the y sequence that control the bpm rate are spaced equally apart, i'd like to have the Y sequence go at a non linear pace almost random so maybe i need to run the Y clock through its own CV2 mod from the Rene 'C' sequencer.. still working on that. should be do able tho!

Thanks for the ideas everyone.

feedback appreciated.