A module that you send a clock trigger to once and it spits out a bunch of gates in a pre-determined sequence.
This is me assuming that most sequencer modules will advance 1-step for every clock trigger and not act like a 1-shot sample or triggering off a full sequence of say 16 steps.

Am a talking about a Burst Module?

Cheers for any pointers.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Interesting thought. I don't think I came across such module yet. If you do please let me/us know, might be an interesting one!

Good luck for the search of such module and kind regards, Garfield.

You might actually look into driving a trigger/gate sequencer with a clock multiplier. In fact, this has more potential IMHO; if you want to have your pulse sequence timed in some strange tuplets, this would definitely be a solution. Taking, say, an output at x7 would give you seven timing pulses per "main" clock pulse, or what you'd call a "septuplet". Use that to drive a sequencer...and if you have trig/gate sequences longer or shorter than 7 beats, then the crossrhythms will start to get quite complicated.

Cheers guys...
Someone over on the FB Eurorack group suggested the Qu-Bit Pulsar, this might be a thing as i think it will do a 1-shot burst of gates from a single pulse rather like hitting its Burst button.
The X7 idea is great though, for the moment the Pulsar is probably a little way off in my plan for buying modules. I'm mostly thinking smaller and cheaper at the moment.
So could a Divided by 16/32/64 Clock Pulse - Clock a Multiplier to trigger that flurry of Sequencer notes? Or would the Clock already be so slow in tempo that the Multiplier would be too slow?! I need a calculator to work this out!!

Yes, but keep in mind that it takes two clock pulses for nearly every divider/multiplier to calculate the incoming clock period that it's going to operate on. So if you're multiplying from a very divided-down pulse, well, it might take a hot minute for the multiplier to lock in. A much more sensible method would be to simply drive the multiplier from your 1:1 clock pulses.

Another pair of modules you might want a look at are 4ms's Quad Clock Divider and its expansion module. In this case, you have CV over your four clock divider/multipliers, so if you suddenly need a rapid-fire burst of pulses, you can simply send a CV (say, from a CV sequencer) at the right time to get that one output to jump way up in rate. Connect the same control signal so that it activates a start/stop on another sequencer, and there you are.

...and my calculator sits right to the left of my Push2. Welcome to the wonderful world of TIMING!

Got it! Thanks
4ms things are also on the Wish-list.

I've just been told over on FB that, as i kind of suspected, the Befaco Burst will do a 1-shot burst from a single pulse/ping/thing!

You want to fire off a sequence based on receiving a trigger.

I'm assuming that everything is receiving a clock input so things stay in time.

The Temps Utile can do this for you. You can use the two CV inputs to reset the sequencer with a trigger and if you can generate a gate for the duration of your sequence, you can use it to mute and unmute the sequence.

I think you can do this a number of ways. You could even use a VCA to mute and unmute your sequence even if you're using a basic sequencer that can reset with a trigger.


Maths can do this right now.

Cheers for the suggestions, Temps Utile was suggested in another thread and it looks like a whole lot of fun :)