I make techno . I’m looking to start a new sample / effects based rack . I also use H9 Max .

Would like people’s opinions / constructive criticism on current set up .


There are drum modules in here enough for a basic beat. But nothing to write home about. Have you gone through all of your options for percussion? Eurorack percussion modules are an expensive way to add drums to your system. Unless you're going to modulating the hell out of them, then you're basically building an over-expensive drum machine. Though, there's nothing wrong with doing this... it will just be expensive on every front (money, space, additional utility modules).

If you do want your percussion in-rack, then how do you intend on mixing all the drum modules together? You have one four input mono mixer/VCA and have a bass drum, clap, cymbals, and hi-hat... no snare. The ES9 can be thrown in... but then you're relying on your DAW to mix.

There seems to be a schism between a Eurorack synth and a Eurorack beat-box with half of what you need for each. Though, you're definitely loaded up on filters.

In my opinion (just my opinion), I'd look for an external drum machine and use my rackspace for synths or effects. The Eloquencer can drive the drum machine via MIDI and you can save your CV and gate outputs for the synth side of things.

If you're really wanting to build a Eurorack percussion set-up after-all, I'd consider putting it in a separate case and building it separately. Granted you can always patch between cases if there's something you'd like to use that's not in one case and not the others.

Have you looked at any of the Erica Synth drum stuff? They even sell a full system designed for techno... including so basic synth modules for leads and basses. It's not cheap by any means. But I'd really think about the turn-key system and then maybe adding some additional modules in a skiff or other rack if you feel that you need them later. Sorry if this doesn't answer your question directly and seems to meander. But I'd definitely explore some other options before making a decision or finalizing this build.

Thanks for your response Ronin, I fully understand what you mean. For me personally I haven’t found a better sounding kick anywhere , I love the Jomox. I was considering losing the rest of the perc , adding a ModBrane and adding extra perc via ableton. A separate rack does sound like a great idea though .

I did have a Squid Salmple but didn’t gel with it ....

The Analog Rythm does look tempting !

Thank you :)

You're welcome. Have you thought about the 1010 Music BitBox rather than the Salmple? I found it pretty easy to use, especially for looping inside the rack so you're not dependent on Ableton. I personally found floating back and forth between a DAW and my rack to be off-putting and takes me out of "the zone" of Eurorack. The moment I pick up a mouse the magic is gone. :)

Haha :)

No , I’ll check that out . I did briefly look at the ER-301 but I’m still desperately trying to learn Shapeshifter so decided against it .