Hello this is my rack. What would you add/remove from here? (28hp left)
Please consider that outside the rack I also have a mn 0coast
dreadbox echo and A118 are the two candidates to be sold (or not?)
Also sorry for my poor english.
Thank you for your help
ModularGrid Rack

I'd add a second mixer like a Blue Lantern Stereo Sir-Mix-A-Lot. The A138 is a 4 input mono mixer.

Modules that have stereo outs:
Rings (not stereo but even and odd harmonics)

The Mix-A-Lot has 6 mono inputs (with pan) and two stereo returns. Your A-138 can be used for mono sub-mixing or mixing CV signals.

Your only source of sequencing is the tiny Erica module. Will that be enough?

Hello Ronin1973 thank you for your feedback. For sequencing I also have a keystep (and a novation circuit that can be used via midi with 0coast). I would like to add a mn rené and as you suggest a second mixer. I am a noob but I have a lot of fun even if I have no exotic modules :) Thank you!

The Rene is a sequencer as far as I know. Some mixers that might work would be the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms, The Roland 531, Happy Nerding Pan Mix.

Ok thank you I’ll look into those modules. So other than a mixer do you feel something important or usefull is missing in my rack?

Attenuators/Attenuverters are nice to have. Some CV inputs don't have pots built in to them so while you can plug a modulation source into them, you don't have a direct way to control the amount of CV.

The Maths module can handle attenuverting for you. Channels 2 and 3 are dedicated towards that if you take the direct output of 2 or 3 at the bottom of Maths. You can also buy dedicated modules for attenuverting such as the Befaco Attenuverter that offer more features (like offset). The Maths can replicate this function, via the "sum" output, but it's convoluted using the Maths.

I think this rack is good to go as far as exploration. I would get in some time with the rack before adding anything else. What to add next depends on the direction you want to go in.

Thank you very much for your help. I'll take some time to really understand what direction to take with my rack.