OK...when Intellijel came up with their slightly-different 1U tile format, I was a bit displeased...as I knew this would lead to some level of confusion over which 1U is the "right" 1U...but what we got in the end was both 1Us existing side by side. Here on MG, they look more or less identical, and in a build, they behave on the grid in the same way. But they are not the same! Not only are the form factors slightly different, the Intellijel tiles use a typical 10-pin power/bus connector, while the original version of the format uses a 3-pin.

Sooo...annoying! But I think I have a relatively simple idea, and this will also help out companies making both versions, such as Plum Audio.

What I propose is that, when posting new 1U Eurorack modules, posters should add a [i] or [p] at the end of the module name. The [i] is for Intellijel, of course, and the [p] stands for Pulplogic, who was the big original innovator in the tile scene along with Erthenvar. By tagging each module like this, it becomes far easier to sort out whether your tiles belong where you think they should go. It should also help curb the mistake of new users not knowing that you can't mix these tile formats in the same row or put them in cases not capable of housing them.

Also, if you know you're looking at an Intellijel or Pulplogic format tile while browsing around MG, please take advantage of the user-editable listing capabilities and make that little addition (when possible) to make things easier for loads of other MG users. Pay it forward, folks!