ModularGrid Rack

The idea is for a live rig / production toolbox.

I have about a third of the modules in this rack and hope to complete it by the end of next year. Also have an Akemie's Castle, and what I suspect is a dodgily put together Turing Machine which doesn't seem to behave the way it should. I will keep these in my supplementary 84hp case

Really enjoying using maths and stages for modulation. I think for its size, Zadar seems like a good choice for levelling up my CV modulation as the system continues to grow. Also looking forward to having some simple pitch sequencing with Tirana. IQ can do all sorts of cool tunings - microtonal tuning sounds interesting - and all round seems like a beast. On ADDAC, the transition controller seems to me like it could be a really useful performance tool to shift filters/modulation amounts/times/reverb parameters/timbral shifts/generative shifts etc.

I'm a little concerned about my rhythmic options - Tempi and Klasmata (which is CV-controlled euclidean sequencer) as the main sources of gates. The Basimilus would form the main percussive element, and I could potentially swap Tempi for Pam's. I quite like Tempi's immediacy, although I am yet to really gain mastery over it (practice, and read the damn manual Sam!!).

Not sure about chainsaw as supersaws aren't typically associated with my preferred styles, but it's stereo and polyphonic so it could be interesting use with the LPGs and filters for trance flavours - TBC. Radio music seems like a must for me, but I'm guessing TipTop One could also do the job bringing samples into the mix. Instruo rules. Only had it a month but it's all you could want and then some from a 6hp analog oscillator.

As someone with a background in engineering and production, I wanted to have a fairly comprehensive set of mixing tools. X-Pan and LSMSMSLR allow for stereo play and the quintet again just looks like typical ADDAC beastiness. I send audio to pedals using Sewastopol and although I don't yet have a use for it, it's envelope following functions seem well thought out. Next year I am looking to experiment with cellos, and Sewastopol offers a way for acoustic and electronic to interact.

Personal influences include techno, drumless, hardcore/acid, dark ambient, electroacoustic, psychedelia, post-punk and jazz. Pretty much everything my father would describe as 'drug music'

Would love some thoughts. Am I missing something obvious? As previously, my only major concern is gate sequences. I may find that piano-roll style beat programming is necessary. Maybe that could be answered with a beatstep pro. Pitch sequencing is also limited, and while I am not overly concerned with melody or complex pitch sequences, it may just be handy to have the playability of a keyboard e.g Keystep. I want to be quite hands-on, but with generative elements as well.

Long way ahead for this, but I have been planning and researching my eurorack system for around 3 years, only in the last year have I actually started building it.

Looking forward to your response :)

Gate sequencing should be fine, remember that Zadar, Stages and Maths will all be able to introduce delays or additional rhythmic pulses controllable by CV, as well as acting as envelopes. One thing I'd remember is that if you're planning to use radio music as a sampler, it works well for continuous samples (such as atmospherics or voice clips) but doesn't play so nice as a drum sampler, the timing is not very tight on the reset, but I've seen people do it like that so depends how much you care about timing i guess.

Thanks for the reply. I imagine those gate sources being useful for triggering timed modulation, but I hadn't considered them as options for gate sequencing strangely enough. Delaying events will be very useful.

Stages may well be used primarily as a step sequencer once Zadar takes on enveloping duties, but we'll see.

Some interesting modules that might play well... look at the Trigger Riot from Tip Top. You can find them used for a decent price. While not Euclidean in nature, it can offer you some very interesting rhythms. Though it's a big module. For my Euclideans, I use a micro Temps Utile at 8HP. The menu diving isn't too bad and it does offer modulation.

I didn't have a chance to go through your entire rack. But do you have any dedicated logic modules? They are great when combining triggers/gates to come up with a derivative pattern that's related to your sources. Also, the Worng Vector Space is worth checking out for CV mangling.

For me... I enjoy influencing rhythms and modulations rather than dictating/programming them from scratch.

Hi Ronin,

Appreciate your response. I must admit I haven't paid much credence to TipTop modules but I will consider it.

In my larger modulargrid rack I have an
Intelligel Plog, which seems, as you say, a really great way of deriving patterns from simpler sources. Glad to see you validate this thought.

Again, vector space is one I am also looking at, but this will likely wait for an expanded system, mainly due to space and the priority of getting basic functionality up and running in the near future.

In terms of playability, I totally agree about influencing rather than dictating.

Keen to hear further thoughts if you do get the chance to think about other module selections. Thanks again