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I plan on finishing this system with a Metropolis, Malekko SND/RTN (to compensate for lack of effect modules), two Mixups (cheap mixers that can mute), and a Tiptop Audio One. That leaves 4 HP.

I'd really appreciate any comments on things I may have overlooked or modules that would be more useful than the ones proposed above. I'll be adding more rows in the future, but until then, I'd like to know I have an effective "core system." Thanks!

Hi JH Dees,

Even though you mentioned that you will be adding more rows in the future, why not starting directly with a larger case, saving yourself money for near future so you don't have to directly buy another casing?

The above rack is I think a picture but not a link, so I couldn't have a detailed look at your rack and the used modules for the details. I think (from what I can see from your picture without being sure) you could need at least one more filter and one more ADSR; hence at least another row to plan/add :-)

The pressure points and Metropolis are for sure nice modules but they take up a huge amount of your space and you should consider to start with an additional filter and ADSR first before thinking of using/adding such large modules, at least that is what I would do if I would have had such limited space.

By the way, the WASP filter (Doepfer, A-124) you plan there is a fantastic filter. I got it myself and from all my filters that the best so far I got. Now I have to admit that I am having a bit of a lack on filters in my setup but still this A-124 is a beauty (to use it)!

Since you plan anyway quite a bit of Intellijel stuff, why don't you consider at least an Intellijel 7U casing? Then that output stuff you can do by those 1U-tiles and that gives you just that bit more space for other modules. Just an idea. I know the 7u case is a bit expensive (at least if you live in Europe) but I do think it's worth it.

Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

GarfieldModular - Thanks for the reply. Here's the image as a link (i hope).

ModularGrid Rack

I already have the modules shown. I make my own cases so the cost is limited to hardware and PSU. My next case will definitely have a 1U row.

I agree 100% with your ADSR comment. I actually forgot that was one of the next modules I intended to buy. Do you think something like the MI Stages could serve as an envelope generator while taking over some sequencing if I omit the Metropolis? The Metropolis is huge but I felt it would increase the "playability" of the rack. There's plenty of smaller sequencers, though.

I thought a third filter would be too much for two rows. Glad to be wrong. The Jove System 80 filter sounds great...or maybe a ladder filter.

Any recommendations on "must have" envelope generators (besides Maths) or filters I could check out?

Hi JH Dees,

Well of course you are right that the Metropolis would give you an increase of the play-ability of your rack, no doubt about that but it consumes quite some HP, so you should ask yourself if that's worth it (the HP usage).

Nice ADSR? Well perhaps not nice to see it but just simple and straight forward to use it is a Doepfer A-140, for the classic ADSR work and easy on your wallet. Personally, my nicest ADSR at the moment is the Erica Synths - Black VC EG (and I got the extension Black VC EG as well). I love to use this EG, not sure if it's still available though... might be not.

An AD I am also very impressed and happy with is the Triple AD from Hikari. Nice & good module and the good news is it's only 8 HP; it uses LED-sliders. And if you don't mind the HP but I guess you do :-) The MOD1 from Waldorf, I am quite happy with it too. Don't buy a Waldorf if you straight away want to get started. I did that with one of the Waldorf modules (I think it was the NW1) and perhaps it was just me, but without properly reading the manual a Waldorf might not be your thing. But I took the time and patience to go through the entire manual once I got the time for it and then Waldorf modules are actually quite enjoyable and offer many possibilities; so does the MOD1.

Sorry, I don't have experiences yet with the Stages.

I wish you good luck on looking for a suitable EG and kind regards, Garfield.