I'm just getting into Eurorack (and hardware modular in general), and I'm planning on purchasing an Arturia BruteRack 6U to work in conjunction with my Minibrute 2S. I'm a little confused though when it comes to power supply requirements: is there a specific pin-number ribbon cable I need for the 6U? Or is it more determined by the module? And where would I find out which ribbon cable I need? I keep looking on the info pages for individual modules, but can't really translate what it means for this.

Thanks for your time!

All connectors on eurorack distribution boards including the rackbrute are 16 pins. On modules side I have seen 10 and 16 pins connectors. Modules are sold with the proper cable.

Oh, they're sold with the module? That's actually really helpful to know, thank you! I wasn't sure if that'd be the case—oftentimes if you buy a guitar pedal it's just the pedal, no supply or cables or anything, so I kind of figured it'd be the same thing for Eurorack. Thanks again!

Hi Notbasho,

Well... you still have to get yourself a few patch cables but that should be it ;-)

Welcome to modular and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thanks for the info! Glad to be here!

Hi Notbasho,

He, he, yeah that's what you are saying now. Once you sold your car and start thinking of selling your house for your modular stuff then please repeat again your above statement ;-)

Other than that modular is fantastic :-D Cheers, Garfield.

Haha, I'm taking literally everybody's suggestion and am starting small, taking it slow and easy. But who knows? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Fair enough, let's talk in a year time again and let me know if you still have a car and a house ;-)

Who says I have either now? Haha.

Yeah good point, but if you live after one year under the bridge because you can't pay the rental anymore... and that just all because of modular... ;-) But other than that, modular is fine, nothing to worry about, he, he.

I totally get you--I think I actually went through this a little last year with guitar pedals. Just gotta take it slow.