_picoRack is basically a challenge I made myself when I realized how many interesting, tiny modules there are. So I challenged myself to use nothing larger than 4 HP. Being that I'm also a beginner, I also used this as time to look into brands other than the most well known. This combination of modules should, emphasis on *should*, provide just about everything possibly required of even the largest racks. Getting to all of the individual functions, however, might be a little more difficult.

Due to the space limitations, modules were chosen based on how many functions they could feasibly provide. Hence, the pair of Distings at the end. This does mean that some functions are buried beyond the idea of knob-per-function, but again, remaining within the space limitation was more important. Obviously, this could be made even smaller by dropping at least one of those, as well as the Ivan. Finally, I still had 2 HP left, so I decided to fill them with memes, a.k.a. Cats.

The build was fun. Practical, probably not. I'm not familiar with the quality of each brand that I used, so I wouldn't hesitate to replace many of them with something from 2hp, 4ms, or Erica. This would likely increase the size a tad, but I wouldn't want to use a case larger than an Intellijel Palette. I'm thinking that is going to be my next experimental build, actually.

I've started out my modular journey with a fair amount of 2hp Modules, they really are very good but to sensibly use them when mounted in a rack you need to give them a minimum of 2-3hp blank space between them so you can tweak a knob that is right next to a patch lead jack... unless you have some type of Uber-Chopsticks-Skillz!

I'll still be buying more 2hp gear but I will focus on modules with a 3hp or larger size from now on so things are actually usable, I'm not sure how the recently announced Lunch Boxes from 2hp modular will be usable without a load of blank panels https://images.app.goo.gl/TytFVdND3qBGhqa28 But yeah, loads of love for the 2hp gear still.

btw.... that SD card slot in the Disting.... Have a paid of Tweezers on Standby!! ;-)