I do love a good DAWless Jam, although I am partial to a bit of Live action every now and again ;)

Hey Apache-Raver,

Ha, ha, it's nice to see you are busy with it and the creativity of it I like it! What sequencer you got there, that black quite big thing? What is it exactly?

Most nice part of it is your cat, looking curiously at you what you are doing, cute! Just be careful that your cat doesn't put one of your patch cables in her nose and got LFO-controlled ;-)

Keep up the good work and kind regards, Garfield.

She's a very naughty kitten, I have a polysix and a moog opus 3 that are at the top of my jasper stand and she has started using them as a climbing tree, so I have ordered some covers for them. The big black thing you see is an old yamaha RX17 that I recently picked up on ebay for £35, they are a fantastic addition to any analog drums, as you get that retro 12bit sound almost like the more expensive machines from that era, mid 80's. And it sounds great with some good compression. Have you got any videos of your stuff, I would love to have a watch.

Hey Apache-Raver,

Ah, that's the Yamaha RX17 you spoke about it, okay, interesting.

He, he, I never even made a video or a sound recording and published it here. I admire people like you and many others here who are so creative and get some decent sounds out of their modular system. Though I am deep into modular, it's just recently and I still have to learn a lot and buy a camera to make videos too ;-) Give me more time to get first more experience then I might consider a video or at least a sound recording but I guess most persons will switch that off after a few seconds ;-)

And beside that I am currently more into playing and exploring the modules rather than really making music with it.

Just recently I work a lot abroad and barely have time to explore and play with my modular system so it will take even longer for me to get some experience to get at a level where one could consider to publish sound (or video).

Additionally I gave myself a "huge task" by not allowing to use my computer for modular. So whatever I do with it, I don't want to use my computer since I use that for business already 12 hours a day or more and that's more than enough... So for me modular is something to keep me away from the computer (I use the computer to read the manuals though and being on this forum). Thus... making a recording without a computer, I still need to explore that further how I want to do that. For simple and basic fun recordings I have now a Zoom H5 but that's just for some basic and fun stuff, recordings from that doesn't sound fantastic though.

So any suggestions to a mixer/recorder that's able to have most important recording functions and enough input & output possibilities, is very welcome. I had a look at the Tascam Model 24 and wonder if that would fulfill all the needs for a proper recording? But the thing is huge and currently I don't have the space for it (and might never have). Model 16 is space-wise of course a bit better, same for model 12. The big con, beside the space and the price, is the somewhat low sample frequency of 48 kHz. I rather look into something like 24 or 32 bit and 192 kHz (or better) but that's difficult to find without using the computer.

Kind regards, Garfield.

I understand totally about wanting to get awayfrom the computer, especially if you work on a comp all day. Its been over twenty years since I recorded on hard disk like the tascam, so I don't really know what there is on the market these days, I will have a look. When I first started recordings back in the late 80's we used tape, as a mate of mine had this massive ampex reel to reel in his living room, it was massive. Have you thought about recording on an ipad, there are some good apps out there. These days I record onto my mac with a UAD Apollo soundcard. I sometimes like to jam with the computer and have ableton live synced up to my hardware, that is good fun, and then sometimes I just run my hardware thru the comp without any DAW. But I am sure there are some really good choices of harddisk recorder out there.

Check out Tascam DP-24SD 24 Track Digital Portastudio

Well done, it is really groovy. Is the bass coming from the dfam? it sounds sick.

By the way, how did you record the video? I'm thinking of using an iphone to record my jams but I'm not sure how to get the audio in.

Hi Apache-River,

Thanks a lot for the hint of the Tascam DP-24 SD, will have a look at that one, smaller and cheaper than the Model 24 :-) Bit lack on inputs & outputs, but I will check it further.

If I have to use an iPad, then I rather use a computer :-) If I have to spend a million bucks to record without a computer then that's of course a no-go and I will consider the computer usage, but if there is a reasonable way to record without a computer then I would prefer that.

Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

Well done, it is really groovy. Is the bass coming from the dfam? it sounds sick.

By the way, how did you record the video? I'm thinking of using an iphone to record my jams but I'm not sure how to get the audio in.
-- Exposure
Hey Exposure thanks, The low bass is coming from the Steffcorp Arp2600 clone oscillator, and the DFAM is playing the acid riff on top of it. I use a cheap HD web cam camera straight into my USB and record the video in Quicktime on mac. The audio comes gets recorded thru a UAD apollo into Ableton, and I edit the video in imovie which is free with the mac