what kind of beautiful cool groovey sequence do you have while patches that don't get boring after hours of patching?

Hi Tonys,

That's actually a very good question. I am still in the search for a "good" sequencer (well... what is good or how would one define good, is yet another quite extensive discussion ;-) ) and haven't found yet one that totally satisfy me. I am waiting for endorphin.es Ground Control and Erica Synths Black Sequencer to be released, though they have been announced almost a year ago now, they are still not available yet :-(

Meanwhile the sequencer I am most happy with is the Xaoc Tirana, a little nice sequencer that's chain-able, I wish all sequencers would be chain-able (not only into steps but also in number of channels/tracks).

Good luck with the search for a "good" sequencer and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

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