I know it is impossible to make generative music with a 6U x 84 rack ;-)
But I try anyway.
I have 27 HP empty space left in my rack.
What shall I fill it with for making as close as possible to generative patches?
ModularGrid Rack

I'd look into quantizers, sample and hold circuits, and definitely LOGIC modules. I'm not sure if the MiniBrute has any of this.

I would also consider a Pamela's New Workout or Temps Utile as they are great for creating and manipulating alternative rhythms like Euclidean. Xaoc's Zadar is also a great source for modulation that evolves.

The modules you could part with (IMHO) are:
A-170 (you have the Maths)
A-183 (check out Kona for attenuator cables)
A-180 (passive mults can be done outside of the case with all types of splitters)

If you get stuck for room, they would be the first modules I'd pull from this build to put more modules in.

Thanks again for good advice!
You are right about the Slew limiter. I newer use it so there I got 8 HP more space.
But I keep the A-183 Passive Dual Attenuator as I use it in most of my patches.
I have three LFO:s that gives random waves so I wait with a dedicated S&H module.
But I will buy the ”Ladik Bool2 – logic module” and ”2hp Multi-Scale Pitch Quantizer” as soon as possible .
When I have learned these two modules it is maybe time for Pamela's New Workout or Temps Utile.