Finally filled the 3rd 60hp tier on top of two Mother 32s. Consists of all MN modules: Function, tELHARMONIC, Qpas, and Mimeophon. Powered by uZeus.

Honestly I am thinking of this as more of a stepping stone to a powered Skiff to complement my Make Noise Shared System, and then also likely adding Xoh, Xpan, Rosie, and Contour, followed by more nonMN modules.

But I thought these might pair well for now with my lonely Mother 32s. Looking forward to hearing the results with my two DFAMs as well.

My initial intention was to add more sequencing/clicking options to the I’m not crazy about those on the Moogs. But for now I’m looking forward to hearing where these take me.

Any suggestions for where to begin?