Currently learning the guitar, and I hope to keep that going for a year or so before I get into modular. Does this seem like a reasonable beginning? Any suggestions? (It is a damned shame those cat panels aren't real.)

Rookie. Learning Guitar. Will one day build a rack.

I guess I should mention, I'm rather fond of the idea of making synthwave, though I'm not opposed to ambient or some chip tune or 90s point and click adventure inspired music. I was thinking, for me, modular would make for a nice accompaniment to a guitar, a microbrute 2, and a drum machine, not as a main instrument.

Rookie. Learning Guitar. Will one day build a rack.

Hi ThatDummy,

I hope your guitar learning makes nice progress? :-) It might be indeed a nice combination together with modular. The modules you can't get in Eurorack, perhaps you can get them as guitar effects pedals! :-) These two worlds together should give you even more endless possibilities :-)

I would like you to refer to my comments I just made yesterday to a very similar case and question. Most of my comments there apply to your rack as well, so please follow up on that advice there. You got already a mixer I see, so that's fine but you are still missing an audio interface; however you might be able to solve that with 1U modules or the rack where they fit in.

For details please refer to my reply to Bvkuz also in this sub-Forum "Racks" under the post name "My 1st Rack - Starting point". For feedback, comments, questions, etcetera, you can then use this post to continue.

Good luck with the learning curves (both instruments, guitar and modular) and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hey, thank you! I made a couple of modifications, though I'm still researching a few things. A question about the new rack. Isn't a wah pedal just moving a band pass filter up and down? So if i'm not mistaken, an expression pedal into that synthrotek expressor controlling the Elta polivoks filter would make a wah pedal? I heard the Polivoks had a nice, gritty, dark filter. I also like the thought of a low pass filter closing down at the end of an entire song to fade out. I think a good example would be the end of Vengeance, by Power Glove. Correct me if i'm wrong but that sounds like a filter closing down on an entire mix. Going to keep on practicing and start saving up some money.

Rookie. Learning Guitar. Will one day build a rack.

Hi Thatdummy,

There are quite a few filter modules on the market and I don't know them all :-) The best is to have the modules you are interested in, to have them tested at your local dealer to avoid disappointments.

Kind regards, Garfield.